We do the legwork (literally) and give you the straight shooting, real talk review of the boutique fitness studios you want to try. We hunt down the newest classes, hardest workouts, most bad-ass instructors, chillest vibes, and the best value. Above all else, we give you the goods so you can get your ass to class.

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Fit-City Guide is a platform to navigate the incredibly saturated fitness class scene. With so many different types of fitness studios out there, it can be difficult to know what they all do and if they would have a class you might like. Fit-City Guide offers an unbiased, informative breakdown of the different kinds of classes out there. And we’ll try everything so you don’t have to waste your time and your dollars trying to find something you enjoy.

When reviewing each class, we consider five key components:

Location | Class Schedule + Price | Vibe | Team + Instructor | Level of Difficulty

Each component has the opportunity to score a full pineapple. Yes, we rate using pineapples. Why? Because stars are so 1995 and pineapples are awesome. They are the happiest fruit, they represent hospitality and friendship, and they remind us of the beach. And we love the beach.

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Latest Reviews

889 Community, Toronto | 4.5

889 Community is a beautiful, calming and approachable studio in the heart of Rosedale that offers Pilates, yoga, meditation and mama and babe classes. Set in an 1800’s Victorian home, the space is toxic free, full of essential oils, and oozes chillness. Namaste.

One Cycle, Calgary |4.5

This spin studio in Calgary’s mission has nailed it in a lot of ways; a central and beautiful location that’s spacious and decorated with all kinds of meaning, and a studio that includes all the amenities you could ask for. Our class was the Goldilocks of spin classes, not too hard, not to easy, just right and we left sweaty, worked and happy. 4.5 pineapples locked and loaded.

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