We do the legwork (literally) and give you the straight shooting, real talk review of the boutique fitness studios you want to try. We hunt down the newest classes, hardest workouts, most bad-ass instructors, chillest vibes, and the best value. Above all else, we give you the goods so you can get your ass to class.

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Fit-City Guide is a platform to navigate the incredibly saturated fitness class scene. It’s not just about incense burning yoga studios or big box no-personality gyms anymore. With so many different types of fitness studios popping up, it can be difficult to know what they all do and if they would have a class you might like. Fit-City Guide offers an unbiased, hella detailed breakdown of the different kinds of classes out there. And we’ll try everything so you don’t have to waste your time and your dollas trying to find something you want.

When reviewing each class, we consider 5 key components:

Location | Class Schedule + Price | Vibe | Instructor | Level of Difficulty

Each component has the opportunity to score a full pineapple. Yes, we rate using pineapples. How come? Because stars are so 1995 and pineapples are awesome. They are the happiest fruit, they represent hospitality and friendship, and they remind us of the beach. And we love the beach.

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Latest Reviews

Muse Movement, Toronto | 4

Our 50th review is of one of Toronto’s most beautiful, quirky and eclectic boutique Pilates studio in Little Portugal: Muse Movement. They specialise in Pilates but also offer yoga and “movement therapy” and they’ve been bringing us their famous playlists and refreshing educational approach to Pilates since 2015. They have a very loyal community that fills up these small, private-feeling classes every week because Muse is such a HUGE proponent for focusing on correct alignment, and educating about the human body. Their classes will get you to slow down, concentrate, and focus on your smaller, often forgotten about, supportive muscles.

The Quiet Company, Toronto |4.5

The Quiet Company is one of a handful of studios that are providing a dedicated space for quiet meditation and reflection in Toronto and this.is.important. This simple, calm space in the heart of King West’s hustle, is full of subtle shout-outs to local artists and the selection of the pure products and decor that are used and sold in the space is v intentional. Even if you’re the newest newbie of newbs to meditation, they will help you learn the ropes and the result will be thought provoking without being overwhelming. Hey look, if taking 15 minutes out of your day to stop into a place like this will bring more happiness, balance and less stress to your life why would you NOT?!

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