We review all levels of fitness classes across a variety of styles, from beginner hip-hop dance classes to indoor surfing cardio classes.  We hunt down the hardest workouts, the newest fitness trends, the best instructors and look for the best value. Above all else, we push ourselves outside our comfort zone and have all the fun while doing it.

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Fit-City Guide is a platform to navigate the incredibly diverse and prolific fitness class scene. It’s not just about incense and tea-tree filled yoga studios anymore or big box no-personality gyms; with so many different types of fitness studios popping up, it can be difficult to know what they all do and if they would have a class you might enjoy. Fit-City Guide offers an unbiased, authentic breakdown of the many different kinds of classes that are out there. Like trampoline classes, that’s a thing. We try Barre, BoxingDance, MeditationPilates, SpinYoga, and anything else that doesn’t fall into these categories.

When reviewing each class, we consider 5 key components:

Location | Class Schedule + Price | Vibe | Instructor | Level of Difficulty

Each component has the opportunity to score a full pineapple. Yes, we rate using pineapples. How come? Because stars are so 1995 and pineapples are awesome. They are the happiest fruit, they represent hospitality and friendship, and they remind us of the beach. And we love the beach.

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Latest Reviews

Good Space, Westside – Toronto {4/5 Pineapples}

We’re handing out 4 pineapples for this adorable, calm and feminine yoga and meditation studio in Toronto’s Parkdale. We LOVE how much they’re bringing meditation to the mainstream and preaching that it’s JUST as important to exercise your brain muscles as it is your butt muscles.

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