Meet T

From the spry age of 4 years old I was that slightly chunky, probably not very graceful, but very keen-jelly-bean in ballet class and I loooooved it. I grew up in the ballet studio, spending over 10 hours a week with my dance family. I was incredibly blessed to grow up in such a positive, supportive and disciplined ballet studio that never once challenged my body confidence but constantly challenged me to work for my personal best. It’s been a huge contributor to who I am and it made me appreciate the sense of belonging and community that you can feel when you’re part of a studio. See that little seed I planted.

So after 18 years of dancing, I retired my pointe shoes and moved on to yoga and running primarily, which I used to hate by the way, like HATE. I actually hated gym class too and it was one of the only classes I skipped as a super nerdy goody two shoes. The only thing that got me through hating running was pushing through it and then all of a sudden one day when I could run for 20 minutes straight, I had this thing called a “runners high”?! Who dis? Anyway, I digress. Fast forward to a few years ago, I returned to North America after moving to Australia for 4+ years (which was one of the best things I’ve ever done btw in addition to marrying my favorite man). When I got back, I found myself constantly searching for my new “home” studio, somewhere that was reasonably priced, had amazing classes, was a gorgeous space I actually wanted to spend time in and had a sense of community that I wanted to be part of. I was sampling studio after studio trying to find something as cool as what Aus offered alllll tha time – sorry Canada. THEN this crazy fitness industry explosion happened, and studios started popping up everywhere in Toronto. Not just in yoga but in dance, barre, spin, boxing, you name it, and all of a sudden I was happy I didn’t just find that ONE studio because I wanted to try them all! So I started dragging my friends and hus to classes and picking apart what we loved and didn’t love. And then lightbulb. I realised we all wished there was a guide that would do just that for us – sus out the fitness scene and tell us the good, the bad and the ugly – but in a nice way. And so, I got down to it!

I hope you enjoy!