BBG, At Home | 5

◊ THE PROGRAM: 12-Week Full Body Cardio ◊

5 pineapples


Water bottle and towel
Weights: 2-5lbs
Skipping Rope
Yoga Mat


Bikini Body Guide is a 12-week fitness program that you can do anywhere as long as you have a bit of equipment, 35 minutes of free time, and workout gear that can get seriously sweaty. We normally don’t go for home workout vid’s or programs, even though the convenience and idea of it is fab, they just remind us of our mum’s 80’s aerobic tapes. Having said that Jane Fonda is a fox until this day, so maybe we should reevaluate. Anyway, why did BBG catch our eye? Well, when living in Australia there was absolutely no avoiding this one. The hype and chatter that was circulating around BBG and Kayla was next level and EVERYONE was talking about her. A girl from Adelaide who is the perfect mix of slender, toned and super fit because of her killer program. Today, her tribe has multiplied, North America has discovered her, and people are obsessed, including us. The program is everything we’re about – real, strong, fit, healthy and happy. 

We’re giving this program full marks, meaning all the pineapples, and it’s because it’s all up to you. Just you and that sexy cat in the mirror, you. You can push yourself as hard as you like, have the flexibility to fit it in wherever you are or whatever your schedule, and if you’re committed, you will see results. It’s just a fact. We love that this program doesn’t mess around with tricks. It’s all about making permanent changes for the long haul. It doesn’t hide how hard you have to work to get the results you want, it doesn’t hide how long it will take to get there, or how very very important what you’re eating and drinking are to your success.  But it lays it out for you in a way that’s easy to manage and fits into your life, with minimal gear required. 1 day off a week, quick workouts (35 minutes) that keep your body guessing, and check-in points every 6 weeks to track your progress and stay motivated. Oh and if we didn’t mention, its effing hard. 


At your home gym, in your living room, travelling, in the park, at your friends house, you get it. 


Anytime you like #obvi. With this being the 3rd round for me and the first round for L, what’s worked the best so far for us is either first thing in the morning if we’re doing it by ourself, or right after work if doing it together. It’s a really great program to do with friends btw, because everyone can participate no matter what fitness level and it keeps you all motivated and accountable. Also, because the 3x per week workouts are short, if you meet right after work Mon, Wed, Fri and smash out a 35 minute work-out, you still have plenty of time for the rest of your evening. Monday motivation tip: have the girls over for BBG after work and by 8pm you’re ready for wine, cheese and Bachelor. We don’t even care how basic that sounds. 

As for price, there are a few ways to be part of the Kayla family. What we’ve been doing and what we recommend, is the bundled E-Book which includes the H.E.L.P Nutrition Guide and BBG Workout Guide. If you want to keep the BBG love going, you can do Kayla 2.0 which starts where the 12 weeks program ends and goes from week 13-24.

  • Bikini Body Bundle E-book (nutrition and workout) – $123.55
  • H.E.L.P. Nutrition Guide only – $72.06
  • Bikini Body Workouts Guide only (Wk1-12) – $72.06
  • Bikini Body Workout Guide (Wk13-24) – $72.06
  • There’s a bunch of other stuff like apps and recipes and other ways she can collect, but the BBG workout is the best bit. 
  • Promotions – You can trial for 7 days for Free! Totes worth it. Do it do it do it.

We think the cost is pretty reasonable considering it’s basically 3 guided workouts a week for a 12 week program which, if you want to geek out, is $2.10 a workout or $6 per week! The nutrition guide has some great healthy snack tips, but there isn’t anything extraordinary about the program. Her nutrition mantra is quite simple really; eat real food and cook your food, it’s just great to follow a guide for structure if you’re trying to get yourself on track and kick some bad habits. 


Since there isn’t a studio for us to poke around, all we can go on is her online presence and actually we’re not completely in love with her aesthetic. Clearly we’re one in a million because the girl has 7+ million followers, but she takes the same photos of herself, is doing less and less videos of her workouts, she posts a lot about success stories that people have sent into her, and then a bunch of the expected foodie and dog shots. Considering none of this really matters for the actual workout experience, it wasn’t enough to dock points from us! 


Kayla and You. Kayla does a great job of laying out correct form in the program. It’s totally worth checking the pages where she breaks down the technique, especially if the exercises are new movements for your body, and your doing them at home without a guided pro.


WAY HARD | Hard | Middle of the Roadsies | Chill | Hella Chill

As mentioned, the level of difficulty can vary depending on how hard you want to push yourself. But because we’re serious about working out if we’re gonna do it, we pushed ourselves as hard as we could and therefore give this a WAY HARD. The program goes like this;

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the circuit days. They switch between arms and abs, legs, and full body:

  • 5 minute walking warm up
  • 7 minute circuit 1 as many times as you can
  • 1 minute rest
  • 7 minute circuit 2 as many times as you can
  • 1 minute rest
  • 7 minute circuit 1 again as many times as you can
  • 1 minute rest
  • 7 minute circuit 2 again as many times as you can
  • Stretch
  • DONE

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are low impact cardio days meaning you can choose between a light run, walk, bike, elliptical, whatevs. 35-45 minutes is the suggestion and on Saturdays you do a longer stretching sequence. 

And thats IT! The sequences get harder as the weeks progress and new exercises are introduced almost every week to keep your body guessing. Those 7 minutes are tough, but then you’re like, it’s 7 minutes I can get through 7 minutes. And then you do and you survive and your ass is better for it. When you see how much this program actually transforms your body, you’ll wish you’d been doing it for years.