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Socks (grippy barre socks are an added cuteness)


Pop Physique first started in the capital city of beautiful bodies {LA} and in no time expanded to NYC and San Fran. They’ve recently brought the toned-arm craze up north with their first Canadian location in Toronto. We were highly anticipating this class after all the hype and chitter chatter we’ve heard about the studio and where did we land? Four pineapples! The location is superb, easy access from almost anywhere, the staff are incredibly welcoming, and the studio space is feminine and bright with every detail curated to the Pop Physique aesthetic. The class itself is a ballet-barre based workout originally taken from the chic Lotte Berk concept that was created in London in the 50’s to a modernized level that fits into every lifestyle. It is heavily focused on visualisations like ‘tucking’, ‘pulsing’ and ‘scooping’ to hone in on precise muscles you might not even know you have. This class is less aerobic than some other Barre classes we’ve taken (such as Barre3 or BarreBodyStudio), but if you follow instructions, keep your form in check and challenge yourself, you’ll feel the burn the next day for SURE. 


1560 Yonge St U-204, Toronto ON

Pop Physique has locations all over the States, with over 15 studios ranging from their hometown of LA to NYC. Canada’s first Pop is located in Deer Park, on Yonge St in the second level of the block of businesses (all 1560) in between Delisle Avenue and Heath Street West. The best way to access is via the outdoor staircase off Yonge St closest to Heath, with the studio on the right. Easily accessible by transit with the St Clair subway station 1.5 blocks away, and there is a parkade attached to the building for $5 per hour. Street parking is an option but sounds like it can be tricky to find. 

They also have an ‘At Home’ DVD for those looking to feel the burn but can’t make it to a class. Shipping globally and ranging from $15 – $30 USD there are 3 versions, the Iconic Physique that focuses on Butt and Thighs, Instapop and the 3 pack that includes the Original Butt, Hardcore, and Cardio Butt School. Sounds like a school you want to be at.


Pop only offers one kind of class, Pop Physique, which is a 1 hour ballet barre-based class. Class times are great, with the earliest starting at 6:30am and the last at 8:00pm with ~7 classes throughout the day taking breaks in the mid morning and mid afternoon. Weekend classes are concentrated in the morning with the last classes at 1pm. Rates are comparable with similar studios and, of course, the more you sign up for, the more it drives down the price. They have a promotion for $100 for the first 30 days if you’re new to Pop, which if hella committed and went everyday, it would only be $3.50 per class. AND you would have the most toned derrière ever.

  • First Time class is free!
  • Drop in: $25
  • 5 Class Pass: $100 ($20 pc)
  • 10 Class Pass: $190 ($19 pc)
  • 20 Class Pass: $320 ($16 pc)
  • 30 Class Pass: $450 ($15 pc)
  • BEST VALUE! NEW CLIENT SPECIAL: $100 for 30 days unlimited (could be $3.50 pc if you went everyday!)
  • One Month Unlimited: $175 or $150 with a 6 month commitment (could be as low as $5 pc)


The Pop Physique design aesthetic is super fun, vibrant and feminine. From the minute you walk in, the space is bright and modern with every detail considered and nothing out of place. They nailed the interior design must-have with the neon “J’Adore Barre” sign that leads to the sign-in desk and small coat/shoes area. The changing area has 5 private rooms for showers or bathrooms and plenty of lockers. There are two studios, both of which have an incredible amount of natural light and windows, and tons of feminine colored gear like weights, balls and straps, and the walls are covered in lady legs in stockings, yes 4 lady legs that make a diamond shape. Every. Detail. This space is groomed for Insta, so much so that they’ve even considered your selfie needs in the shower rooms, with a “Pop Your Selfie” backwards writing that only makes sense in a flipped camera. Our grandparents would be like, oops they got the wallpaper wrong!

The class we attended was all women, with a mix of regulars, beginners and intermediates. Ages ranged from late teens to 50+ and although a lot of people came in groups with their girlfriends, there were plenty of people flying solo. There is most definitely a strong #babessupportingbabes vibe. 


  • All Equipment provided (including mats)
  • 3 Showers with Nuori products
  • 2 Bathrooms, 1 Handicap
  • Complimentary Towels
  • Complimentary Bottled Water
  • Filtered Water
  • Programmable Lockers
  • Pop Physique merchandise for sale, including pop socks for $20


Kerri Phillips

Before starting the class we had time to chat with Kerri (instructor) and Alice (front desk loveliness) and we immediately felt welcome and taken care of. Alice ensured we knew the bibs and bobs of everything they included, like pricing, memberships and promotions, and all of the amenities in the studio. She also continually snuck into the class like a little equipment ninja to put our weights away and leave fresh towelettes on our mats towards the end of class (clapping emoji). Kerri welcomed us with open arms and as soon as she came in to the studio at 9:00am on.the.dot she and her playlist got right into it. We loved her energy. She was constantly shouting out inspiration and visualisation queues like “tuck” and “scoop” to guide us through the movements and she provided hands-on adjustments, which we love especially in a class like this that can be great for beginners. To get the most out of barre classes you a) need to understand what they’re asking you to do in each exercise and b) do the exercises correctly, therefore hands on adjustments and clear instructions are key. Because of that, our only nugget of advise for Kerri would be to provide clearer instructions for certain movements, especially since barre is not second nature for many people. Dancers and yogi’s get it right away, but for others that may not be used to working that way, clear instructions make a huge difference. 



We’re rating this class a MIDDLE OF THE ROADSIES but let us be very clear about why. This style of class is not going to be a heavy sweat, high aerobic class, but that’s not why we’re saying its in the middle. We actually really love and appreciate the kind of class that this was. It is a very concentrated, focused, and specialised kind of movement that you are asking your body to do. In Barre, much like Pilates or Dance, you have to visualise your muscles moving in a way that might not actually be the reality, i.e. scoop your abs, doesn’t mean to suck in (or actually do anything with a scooper on your abs), it means to pretend like you have an ice cream scoop that’s hallowing out your lower abs causing your abs to retract and flex very deeply into your spine. NOT sucking in which requires no muscle flextion whatsoever. This distinction is key when evaluating this class becasue we can totally see how, if you aren’t in the practice of moving with your body that way, you could miss out on the benefits.

This class is structured to hit up the full body. Starting in the centre of the class with a warm up and plank ab sequence, it then moved to the weighted arm section. We shamelessly grabbed 1lb’s because we knew what that entailed #shakefest. We liked that after every section that focused on a particular body part, we stretched that area right away for immediate relief. We then moved to the barre for a leg and adductor sequence, then to the mat to focus on a lower ab series, then more glutes on the mat followed by more stretching. Overall, the class was challenging in that there were constant movements that caused a burn or shake effect, however we could’ve held them a bit longer to achieve the “Hard” or “Way Hard” status. We did feel sore the very next day in our butts, abs and back muscles so we consider that a win! 

To try a class at Pop Physique see below for their contact info. 

Pop Physique
Web: www.popphysique.com
Email: toronto@popphysique.com
Phone: 416.975.0123
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