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5 pineapples


Yoga Mat (can be rented for $2)

 Towel (can be rented for $2)

Water bottle

Change of clothes


We discovered the original Pure Yoga in their home city of Ottawa a couple months ago and we completely fell in-love with their story. The studio’s motto is all about sharing their “passion for yoga with every body, shape, size, age, and status; employed, or between jobs, student, or retiree, single or divorcee, mother, father, grandparent – you get the idea”. We love the all inclusive, everybody-can-headstand mentality so we were stoked to see them bring their good vibes to Toronto. Aesthetically, the space is beautiful, with brick walls, vibrant colors, neon signs, tiny succulents and Moroccan rugs decorating the space – basically made for instagram. The team is funny and vivacious, and the sweaty hot yoga class was challenging, fun, and pushed us in ways only a yoga class can – we did 108 pushups throughout the class. WHAT?! We had such a great experience and whether your new to yoga, or a seasoned Gumby, it’s most definitely worth heading to Liberty Village to check it out.


47 Fraser Ave. Toronto, ON

Located in Liberty Village, at the corner of Liberty Street and Fraser Ave, the building is unassuming and on a quiet street. Taking the streetcar is really easy, the #514 stops at Duffern and it’s just a 5 minute walk from there. The great thing about being in Liberty is the plethora of street parking and Lamport Stadium has a parkade located 10 minutes down the street. Also, School is across the street and if you don’t have their Super Cheesy Bacon French Toast after class, you’ve missed the point of going to hot yoga. 


The studio offers nine types of classes, all are hot yoga, and there is something for absolutely everyone. Six of the classes are appropriate for beginners but all levels are welcome and can be challenged, and three classes are identified as intermediate and up.

Beginner – All Levels

Intermediate +

We took Pure Power which is one of their most popular classes along with Pure Core and Pure Flow. Pure Power is held in a room at 25-30ºC and is a dynamic and energetic class, designed to help build strength, flexibility and concentration. Check back on the regular as Pure also hosts tons of great workshops like Headstand Workshops, Karma Yoga Workshops and they do fun classes like Beats and Beers (where we’ll be). They also have this really cool option for practicing at home if you can’t get to Liberty Village. Working with a company called Namastream, you can sign-up to Pure Yoga online and take anywhere from 5 minute tutorials to 90 minute live classes. We’re working on a review of this bad boy – becasue we LOVE this. Stay tuned. 

As for Pure Yoga’s class schedule, they pack a lot in, with 6 classes daily, and usually only 4-5 on weekends. Monday, Wednesday, Friday there is a 6:30am class available, and the latest class during the week is the Candlelit Flow at 9pm on Thursdays. Isn’t that just the loveliest way to ease into the weekend? Pure Yoga recommends to sign-up online beforehand to reserve a spot (they use the Mind Body Ap) and reservations will only be held 10 minutes before class so call ahead if you’re tight on time. 

As for class rates, the prices are very reasonable. The drop-in rate before tax is $20, which seems to be the average for what we’re seeing for drop-in classes, but it’s some of the package deals that are worth looking into. The 4 month membership (that auto- renews) works out to being only $7.50 per class if you went once a week for 4 months! We also highly recommend their intro month which works out to $45.20 after tax. If extended after the first month, you qualify for a 20% discount that will be grandfathered for all months after that. Woot!

  • Drop-in: $20
  • 5 Class Pass: $85 ($17 per class)
  • 10 Class Pass: $160 ($16 per class)
  • 4 Month Pure Membership: $120 
  • 4 Month Purest Membership w/Mat and Towel Service $135
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership: $180
  • Intro Offer $40 for 1 month
  • Students/Seniors get 40% off Monday-Friday 6am-4pm
  • Add-on mat and towel service for $15 per month to any membership


From the outside, this studio doesn’t hint at how beautiful it is inside. The spacious front hallway and lobby have plenty of space to chill before or after class or shop their awesome product offering of lululemon, Spiritual Gangster and Brunette the Label. The studio has one hot room that sits at 32-33ºC for most classes (which is less hot than a typical Bikram studio) but it’s a large beautiful space with floor to cycling mirrors and small windows that let in natural light. Outside the hot room is an overflow waiting area that showcases Pure Yoga’s design aesthetic to a “T”, with the “Namaste Bitches” neon sign, Moroccan rugs from Design Republic, mini succulents everywhere and modern crisp furniture. Both mens and womens change rooms have washrooms and showers but the change rooms aren’t huge with minimal space for storing your things and no lockers. Considering this is a hot yoga studio, we were a bit surprised to see such minimal space and amenities for showering after class, they must have a lot of people head straight home afterwards. So a little tip, if going out after, bring everything to get ready, a blowdryer is provided but that’s it.

The crowd for the Pure Power class perfectly reflected the Liberty Village tribe with the class full of young professionals between ~25-35. It was a great mix of levels of experience, with a couple men in the class, some beginners and a bunch of seasoned yogis. 


  • Mens and womens change rooms, washrooms and 2 showers 
  • Blowdryer
  • Mats and towels for rent ($2 each) or $15 per month fee added to a  membership
  • Filtered water 
  • Water dish for dogs (adorable)


The team at Pure Yoga are fantastic. Tim, the studio manager, is hilarious and has amazing energy and he made sure we felt welcome, understood the promotions, showed us around and supported us as we tried on every piece of Brunette and Spiritual Gangster clothing. Pure Yoga has 12 instructors, many of which flex to other studios also, and the co-owners Lisa Walker and Amber Stratton, also teach classes. 

Lisa Walker

Lisa was our instructor for the Pure Power class and her teaching style was awesome. She is totally real, funny and approachable, and she made us feel welcome in her studio. Lisa demonstrated some of the class, but spend over half the time walking the room and providing hands-on adjustments. She kept the pace for a very fluid class and she built on combinations each flow to push us to our edge. What was appreciated the most is that she kept us laughing through the hard times, hard times specifically meaning 108 push-ups. Dying. 



The class started out like many others, some warm ups to waken the body, a small opportunity to set intentions and a little introduction of basic poses for the newbies in the group. After about 5 minutes though, the easy part was over and it was time to work. The class was full of sun salutations, so much so that Lisa decided it would be a fun Saturday morning surprise to smatter 12 push-ups in every sun salutation. Hence, the 108, and hence us not being able to lift our arms post yoga class. Each sequence built on the last and towards the end of class we had the opportunity to try more advanced balances such as side crow and birds of paradise. Lisa spent most of the class tweaking our form, and helping us get into positions that we have been working, which is the key distinction from a beginner class. It’s not as necessary for an instructor to spend the majority of the class demonstrating in a room full of seasoned yogi’s, since they know the poses and flow, therefore the focus is on advancing your practice and pushing to your edge. We had a great class; it was challenging, sweaty, and tons of fun.

To try this class or anything else on their schedule, see Pure Yoga’s contact info below.
Pure Yoga Toronto
Web: www.pureyogatoronto.com
PHONE | (647) 920.PURE (7873)
Instagram | Facebook 

Happy Flowing Yogis!