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◊ THE CLASS: Group Boxing ◊

5 pineapples


Water bottle

Indoor shoes. Barefoot is ok, but they strongly recommend shoes.

Hand wraps ($10 to buy and are reusable) 


Undrcard has it figured out. From the aesthetic, to the wickedly hard classes, to the collaborations with local businesses – this boxing studio in the heart of Calgary is an absolute gem. The founders have put together a solid team of instructors, with more than half of them female, and almost all of them with years of competitive athletics under their belts. The space is modern and bad-ass and makes you feel like you could take down Rocky in your first fight. We can’t lie, we were a little intimidated by the thought of trying a boxing class, but the minute we walked in the door and took in the vibe, we were motivated and excited to get our gloves on and start throwing right hooks. Boxing isn’t just for the hardcore Ali’s either, did you know boxing lengthens rather than bulks muscles, it increases aerobic and anaerobic capacity, AND it strengthens, tones, and sharpens you both physically – and mentally?! Pffff we didn’t know. And now we do, and now we’re addicted. Undrcard nailed creating a space that encourages you to push past your comfort zone and kick some serious tail feather. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee beeches.


349 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Located on the corner of 3rd street and 10th ave SW, Undrcard is sitting on prime downtown real estate. The studio is in the Beltline which is close to great restaurants and shopping and it’s easy to access by public transit with the C-Train 2 blocks away or the #3 bus running down 4th. Directly across the street is a 4 level parkade offering $2 flat parking after 4pm. Blocks and block of meter parking surround the area with rates varying from free 2 hour parking to $3/HR parking. For more parking info, Undrcard has provided detailed options on their website.


Undrcard offers Group Boxing which is great for both beginners and more experienced boxers as the format of the class makes it easy for first-timers to learn quickly but there are difficult modifications for veterans. Once a week is Thump, Full Body Workout that’s held in their dimly lit room and pumps nightclub worthy music for the full 50-minute class that combines the strength of an athlete, the flow of a boxer and the style of a dancer. All fitness levels welcome, no boxing experience required. Friday nights are reserved for Fight Night, 18+ classes that pair a killer workout with some boozy bevies {our kind of start to the weekend}. Undrcard also has open gym, they offer Private Training and Kids Boxing for your mini fighters.

During the week, classes kick-off nice and early at 6:15am with ~4 classes in the evening. For those needing to blow off some midday steam, there is a 50 minute noon class during the week. The weekend schedule is loaded with 11 total classes, with Saturday afternoon focusing on the Young Guns. First timers tip – arrive 30 minutes before class to get your hands wrapped and properly prepared for class, showing up 10 minutes before might not leave you enough time. They’ll help you wrap but they’ve also done this sweet vid if you want to be all independent about it.

Though the prices for a drop-in class are a bit steep, it does include the class, glove rental, gym access, ring access and all the little extras, like filtered water, hair-ties, etc.. Considering all the additional amenities (cafe, gym) that are part of the studio space, the price feels like less of a hit. #boxingjoke

  • Drop-In: $24, Drop-In Student: $19
  • Newbie Month: $99 
  • 10 Class Punch Card: $199 ($20 per class)
  • 20 Class Punch Card: $349 ($17 per class)
  • 1 Month Pass: $199 
  • 6 Month Pass: $879 (includes ‘crew only’ benefits)
  • Annual Pass: $1599 (includes ‘crew only’ benefits)


The design aesthetic of the studio is like a modern bad-ass nightclub, complete with neon signs, graphic mixed art, dim lights and concrete floors. A wall of boxing gloves at the front door opens up into the main space with a boxing ring at the epicenter. The change rooms and lockers are at the back of the studio and include a large bank of programmable lockers to store your belongings. There is one studio for boxing classes and a gym on the second floor with a punching bag, TRX, and weights to compliment the boxing workouts. The main studio is dark, with 36 bags hanging from the ceiling and a club-like sound system. The low lighting provides the perfect amount of anonymity which is  highly appreciated when sweating like a beast.  The Corner Store offers goodies like Reigning Champ essentials, a lululemon x undrcard collab and natural deodarant from Calgary-based Routine, Michi and Herschel. The lounge space is complete with bright pillows, plenty of seating and giant picture windows facing 10th Ave. Yo Adrian! café is nestled around the corner, providing much deserved fuel from Sidewalk Citizen and Fratello Coffee post punch. The entire place has an edgy feel that makes you feel like you have street cred as a legit fighter and with all the amenities and access to the gym included in all prices, you’ll want to hang around for hours.

The crowd at Undrcard was mostly regulars in their 30’s, with about 80% women attending our class. The staff and fellow fighters are incredibly warm to first-timers or novice boxers, so don’t feel intimidated to give it a shot. 


  • Gloves rental is free. Gloves are premium, leather gloves and they have a very fancy glove dryer so gloves are sanitised and fresh
  • Hair ties/Hairspray/Deodorant
  • Filtered Water
  • 2 Showers
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Programmable lockers
  • Full Gym


The team at Undrcard is fierce. Many have a legit background in boxing or martial arts so you know the boxing drills are the real deal. The women at the front desk were so helpful, giving us a tour to make sure we knew where everything was as first timers, and helped us wrap our wrists and gear up.

Joanna ‘MAGIK’

Joanna is one of the founders of Undrcard and her resume is crazy impressive. From marketing guru, to competitive athlete, to DJ, she is doing it all. Attending her 8:30am class on a Saturday was well worth the effort. Joanna’s energy was contagious and she didn’t let up until the very last second. We loved her focus on form and appreciated the reminder to listen to our bodies first and be patient with ourselves if we were new to the moves. Though fierce, Joanna was very kind and encouraging, she knew most people by name and would shout out words of encouragement or throw out a reassuring smile when someone (aka us) looked a bit lost. Chatting with her after the class, her passion for the craft and her community was obvious as she stuck around for over half an hour making the effort to connect with everyone and get their feedback.



After we got our hands wrapped and boxing gloves on, class started off with boxing drills to warm up, which included side to side jumps, skipping, and high knees on the spot. Once the sweat started to drip, we THEN began the actual class. The format of the class was broken into rounds and each round had a different focus. First round was technique, we moved a bit slower to get the feel for the basic combinations; a jab, cross, hook sequence to ensure our form was correct. As we began to get comfortable the speed picked up. We added in more rapid jabs and a cross to round out the combination, which left us feeling exhausted and dubious about another round. Our arms were shaking and our obliques feeling fire from the twist from the cross punch.

Round two was all about the speed, with squats, burpees and pushups to keep things easy. We were experiencing full body cardio in this section with 20 jabs, 10 toes taps on the base of the bag and repeat.

The third round was about defensive boxing; weaving and dodging the bag and firing up the legs. We also incorporated power rounds where we pushed out the bag and just punched as hard and fast as we could so it didn’t drop down. We finished with a challenging abs sequence and some light stretching. The class was intense, a full body workout and we could feel our arms, legs, glutes, core…earlobes. Not actually our earlobes, but you get it, our WHOLE BODY felt the workout. 


To try this class or anything else on their schedule, see Undrcard’s contact info below.

Undrcard Boxing
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