YEG Cycle, YEG | 4.5

◊ THE CLASS: Spin ◊




Water Bottle

Form-fitting bottoms, and if you have a sensitive derrière, padded shorts

(Shoes are provided)


The last time we visited YEG Cycle, we were blown away by how quickly we felt welcome and part of their bikergang, so we could not WAIT to try their second Edmonton location to keep the good times rolling and complete our experience. Spin is forever one of our favourite classes. It makes us sweat, keeps us motivated, and usually runs under an hour, so we’re big fans. Plus, it’s an incredible class for beginners or people who have varying levels of fitness because you set your own pace, tension and, therefore, level of difficulty. For this class, we even brought a friend who’s never tried a spin class so we could get her take on YEG Cycle for beginners. Starting out in YYC as YYC Cycle (review here) these guys sought out prime real estate when they expanded to YEG. They have a studio in the heart of Whyte Ave (which we previously reviewed) and a location just off of 124th street (our updated review), which we firmly believe are two of Edmonton’s best neighbourhoods. On our first visit to the Whyte Ave class, we immediately felt welcome and our instructor rocked our world. He kept us inspired and pushed us to our edge for the entire class and the way he worked the music, lights and mic was genius. This time was no different. Our instructor, Greg, had us on beat and full of smiles and we finished the class sweaty, fatigued, and 700 calories lighter. So much goodness.


10634 82 AVE. NW, Edmonton, AB

It’s easy to award full fruits for location – as we kind of already hinted at. The Whyte Ave location is in a great part of the bustling area in between 106th and 107th street. If taking public transport, it’s very accessible by bus with routes #4 and #7 stopping in front of the studio and running every 30 minutes. If driving, there are a number of options, with hourly parking available along Whyte Ave and usually a few spots on the surrounding streets, and a four-level parkade in the same building, with access on the east side and costs $4.00/hr.

12302 Stony Plain Road, Edmonton, AB

The 124st location is pretty fantastic as well. Located just off 124st on Stony Plain Road it’s extremely accessible for any type of transportation. Buses stop directly in front of the studio and run every 30 minutes and there’s hourly parking available along the streets in the surrounding area (and free in the evenings). We had no issue finding parking within a block even though we arrived during peak cycle time (back-to-back sold out classes). 


The class schedule at YEG consists of one class – spin – and much like our review of their sister studio, YYC Cycle, we wish we saw a liiiiiiittle bit more variety here. All classes are very consistent from location to location and include hills, sprints and some arm work, which for some is an awesome thing, but sometimes we like to mix it up and see more variety in choreography, length of classes and/or level of difficulty. The classes are all 50 minutes and start at 6am during the week and blasting out classes until the last session at 7:45am. On weekends, classes don’t start until 8am so you can get that weekend relaxation out of the way, and they usually shut things down early around 2pm. All riders need to sign-up online to reserve a bike prior to class and it’s recommended to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class to give you time to properly set-up. If you’re new to spin, one of their staff will guide you through EVERY step, so no worries there! Note: if you’re not IN the room 10 minutes before class they may give your bike away to someone on the wait list, so don’t linger around in the change rooms and lose your spot.

These prices are great for a spin studio and with extras like shoes, towel service and cold lemongrass towelettes after class, it’s worth every penny. They offer a 10% discount for students and just like all of their other locations across Alberta, the more you buy, the cheaper the ride. Monthly memberships only make sense if you see yourself hitting the pedals more than three times a week, so if you’re looking for bang for your buck on a limited schedule, we’d definitely suggest the 20-ride pass!

  • Single Ride: $20
  • 5 Rides: $90 ($18 per ride)
  • 10 Rides: $170 ($17 per ride)
  • 20 Rides: $300 ($15 per ride)
  • 1 Month Membership: $199 
  • 6 Month Membership: $899
  • Intro Offer $65 for 3 weeks unlimited and 1 year for $1500



The studio is fresh, bright and really well planned out. The lobby has plenty of open space for riders to transition, with a great sized waiting area and programmable lockers to store your things. The change rooms offer lots of space to de-gross yourself after class with three showers and a lot of extras like blow-dryers, hair ties and plenty of product. The walls are covered with inspirational quotes, neon lights and tons of character. The cycle studio is badass. Set in a dark room with rows of strobe lights, blue lights, killer beats and sweaty bodies. It’s like a healthy nightclub basically – just as sweaty. The crowd for our class was a mix of mid 20’s to early 30’s with almost a 50/50 split of male to female and 75% full. Capacity for the studios are about 50 bikes so when it’s full, it’s a fun ride. A few rules at YEG that we’re also totally into, no phones in the spin studio and keep talking to a minimum, you’re there to focus on your hills, homies.

124th Street:

This studio is actually in one of the coolest little buildings we’ve seen. We aren’t sure what it used to be but it is darn perfect for a spin studio. The studio itself is bright even when it’s dark outside, the space is really well laid out, and the aesthetics are on point. The lobby has SO MUCH SPACE for riders to chat, get ready, or cool down. Always a favourite of ours are YEG and YYC Cycle’s programable lockers to store your things and the change rooms are just as large as the Whyte Ave location with all the same extras that you need. We were impressed with the consistency between studios – you can expect the same vibe whether you go to a class on Whyte or 124th Street, and we’re into that.


  • Mens and Womens change rooms, 3 showers in each (Whyte) – 2 showers in each (124th)
  • Shoes are included
  • Filtered water
  • Full towel service including towels on the bike and bath towels in change rooms
  • Blowdryer, Skoah hair products, hair-ties
  • Free earplugs if the music gets outta control
  • Cold lemongrass towels at the end of class – our fav


The staff at YEG Cycle are super helpful and welcoming. So much so that this is a great contender for first timers since they’ll spend all the necessary time to properly set riders up. YEG has over 30 instructors on their roster, holy amazing, and have recently added a ton of new riders to the roster so even if you’re a YEG regular, there’s some fresh blood for you to test out! Each instructor will offer a different experience but they will always bring tons of energy, a curated playlist and literal boat loads of inspiration.

Greg Lalonde

Before the class started, Greg approached us and said, “I get a little weird in there. I hope you’re cool with that”. Says it all, right thur. Greg’s classes are described as a “cult classic” and we totally understand why his classes are consistently sold out. He led us thought the 50-minute workout in a way that made the time absolutely fly by, and we can’t say enough good things about how seamlessly he made the entire room flow together and find our groove. Greg teaches at both Edmonton locations for a total of four classes a week, and is a full-time Zookeeper outside of the studio. You read that right; zookeeper. He also hails from Brampton originally, but asks that we don’t hold that against him. Your secret is safe with us, Greg.



For our second class at YEG Cycle, we brought a complete spin newbie with us to share the experience. Before starting the class, we had to set up our bikes, and the YEG team was, once again, super helpful ensuring we were set up properly just for our bodies. They also have a wicked video on their website to break it down. They helped our new friend feel totally comfortable on the bike for her first time. Once we were clipped in with our fancy cycle shoes, we were set. Greg had us out of our seat almost immediately and into sprints to get our heart rate high. We transitioned into hills to work our legs and glutes and our resting time was a mix of tricep dips and push-ups. We noticed a ton of consistency with the classes from YYC Cycle, and both studios for YEG Cycle, that they followed the similar formula of sprints, hills and some bicep and tricep work. For many, this is a great thing as they know what to expect, and considering you can always push yourself harder by increasing the tension, it’s great for regulars as well. But there is a tiny word of caution that if you’re looking for new choreography, for example, you’ll likely not find that here. We wrapped the class with a hard push to the finish line and a short cool down and stretch. We’re extremely confident that YEG Cycle has earned it’s spot as Edmonton’s most well-known spin studio, and we can’t wait to test out some of their new motivators. See you on the pedals, gang!

To try this class or anything else on their schedule, see YEG’s contact info below.

PHONE |(780) 756.7750
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