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Grip socks (you can purchase or rent for $1 that will go to charity)


Form fitting gear that will show your technique

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The last time we were in Calgary it was a non-negotiable to pop into Barre Body Studio. Seriously, we have been hearing about this studio for months on months on months and now we get why. They’ve nailed it. With two locations in Calgary and one in Edmonton; this studio provides a cardio style barre class that will kick your ASS, no matter how many times you go, and it will push you to new depths you didn’t even know were there. The space is beautiful with two large brick studios that remind us of our dancing days, and there is plenty of space and amenities to shower after class and move on to your next event. In our short time here it was also so obvious how connected they are to their community. We’ve got their back if they ever decide to spread the love across the country and open a studio in Toronto.


Calgary Ramsay: 1202 20TH Ave SE Calgary, AB

For those of you that may not know Calgary, one of the most important things to note is that The city is so spread out, its difficult to operate life sans car, plus the transit system is only ohhhkay. That said, the location in Ramsay is quite central, only about a 10 minute drive from the downtown core, so it’s in a great spot. They have a number of options for parking right outside the studio and a super clear map on their website here.


The schedule has something for everyone. With shorter 6am classes from Monday to Friday for keeners, to Mommy and Me classes in the middle of the day, to evening classes as late as 7:45, you’re sure to find something that works for you. Barre Body Studio offers 8 different classes in total, with most designed for all levels and only 1 class identified as an advanced class (Barre.Tone.Sweat). They even offer a private Bachelorette Barre class for a fun dress-prep activity to do with your girls before the big day. Specifically at the Bow Trail location, there is a BBS x Local Charity class every Saturday at 1:00pm that costs $10 and will be donated to a local charity of BBS choice. Be sure to sign-up for that one 12 hours in advance tho. 

Drop-in prices are a little bit on the higher end, it definitely pays to upgrade to a class pass or membership. Memberships offers more than unlimited classes too, with a discount on BBS merch, friend passes, priority entry, a free master class, and vacation time. Worth it, chicks, it’s worth it. 

  • Single Dop-in $25
  • 5 Class Pass $112 ($22.40 per)
  • 10 Class Pass $205 ($20.50 per)
  • 20 Class Pass $410 ($20.50 per)
  • Mommy and Me 3 mth unlimited pass $225
  • Tribe Monthly membership $145
  • Premium Monthly membership $160


The studio is located in an old refurbished brick loft with tons of space, character and charm. The space flows well and mitigates traffic jams, with a clear front foyer to sign in, sufficient storage for boots and shoes, and a separate room for barre body studio merch. There is a large change room with multiple showers, complimentary lockers and all the feminine niceities you could want like blowdryers, mags, hair ties, hand cream and spray deodorant. There are two studios with floor to ceiling mirrors and old brick walls with ballet barre’s wrapping the room. It’s a beautiful space to practice and sweat your tail off, literally.

Our class was quite full with 16 women spread across every wall that had a ballet barre. The experience level was a mix of beginners and regulars who frequent the studio 3+ times a week. They had buns to envy. Ages ranged from teens to 40+ which was very cool to see and everyone was challenged. 



  • Female changerooms
  • Grip socks for rent for $1 that goes to charity
  • Blowdryers, hair ties, deodorant, hand cream
  • Complimentary mats and towels
  • Filtered water, and water for purchase – $2
  • Complimentary programmable lockers
  • Class equipment provided
  • Barre Body Studio product for sale including grip socks


Crystal Thomson

So we LOVE Crystal. She welcomed us with open arms, gave us a tour of the facilities, kitted us out with grippy socks and water and wished us luck. She pushed us really really really hard. The craziest part was that she was flying around the room doing the class as full-out as we were, WHILE shouting the exercises to us, WHILE correcting people’s form. Ensuring you have correct form in barre class is so important by the way, to avoid injury and to ensure you are targeting the correct muscles. Crystal was hilarious, real, and knew everyone by name. We loved that. If you don’t seek her class out specifically, you’re missing out. 



Each barre class at Barry Body Studio incorporates elements of dance (mainly ballet), free weights and other resistance-based equipment and ends with a floor series of mat exercises. It’s harder than it looks but it’s low-impact and will shape your toosh like it’s never been shaped before. 

Our Barre Body Fit class was, without a doubt, Way Hard. It started out inconspicuous enough with a warm up in the centre of the room with mild body rolls, squats and pulses. In NO time we were at the barre pulsing so hard that our butt cramped something fierce and we had to take an uncool amount of breaks. They saaaay you only start to work when you shake. And we say to those people, really?!?!!! Our legs were actually shaking so hard at one point, our friend thought we were trying to be funny. Ya know Bambi!? Like right after he was born and how we walked?! That was us about 20 minutes into this class.  Anyway, moral of the story is, it was hard. The class was a mix of barre work often with a ball, centre work that included aerobic routines and weights, mat work that included an intense ab sequence and then finally a stretching segment. We find going to barre classes so interesting actually, because almost never are they the same kind of barre class. This class was much less ballet, and much more aerobic, high heart rate activity with repetitive exercises targeting the glutes, abs and legs. The ab section was intense AF btw. Crystal did the whole thing with us and somehow managed to speak naturally through 150 abs. You gotta go.


To try this class or anything else on their schedule, see Barre Body Studio’s contact info below.

Barre Body Studio 
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Happy toning!