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If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. That’s 6ix Cycle’s motto, and we are so totally into it. 6ix Cycle is new to Toronto this year, having opened in the beginning of 2017 in a prime location on Queen Street West, just past The Drake Hotel. The studio boasts some serious Toronto love with, not only a name that pays homage to champagnepapi’s favorite city, but a theme that’s carried throughout the studio with Toronto skyline shower curtains and Canadian made products. The space is clean, fresh and just as approachable for men as it is for women with graffiti spattered lockers with words of motivation and a simple no-fuss, high sweat, street vibe about it. This will be our first *UPDATED* post, as the instructors we reviewed a few months ago are no longer teaching at the studio so we wanted to refresh the class experience to give you the best indication of what they have to offer today. Our return class with Adam was truthfully way more difficult than the previous rides we had experienced, and so much fun. We got that spin high thing that you see on Pinterest memes. A must ride. 


1163 Queen Street West, Toronto

6ix Cycle is conveniently located on Queen West just east of Dufferin Street and immediately west of the lil’ ice cream and milkshake bar, Hollywood Cone. There are no accidents friends; this means a 600 calorie burning 6ix class can be followed by a 600 calorie butterfinger ice cream takedown. It’s about balance. Getting to this area just south of Little Portugal and down the street from The Drake Hotel is easily accessible on the #501 streetcar along Queen or the #29 streetcar North-South along Dufferin Street. The nice thing about this studio being further down West Queen West is that street parking is easier to find with free parking until 1pm on Sundays. Woot. 


6ix Cycle’s signature class is the 50 minute SPIN where you can expect a dynamic ride on and off the saddle, with weights, sprints, hills, choreography and high high energy music. There are usually 4-5 classes per day with most mornings Monday to Friday offering a 6am class, which we’re huge fans of, giving us enough time to get ready and commute to el worko. Weekend rides are similar to what we’ve seen from other spin studios in the area, concentrating classes in the early part of the day with the last one at noon. They also host themed classes, like fundraiser rides for cancer, Throwback Thursday classes at 6:45 every week or (our fav), Thug Life classes on Sunday mornings at 9:45am otherwise referred to as Spin Church. YAS. 

It’s not a bad idea to sign-up for classes ahead of time online. They have sneaky daily offers that drive down the price for last minute classes if you pop online, so make sure to take a peak. It’s also advised to arrive 15 minutes prior to ensure you’re all set with your spin shoes, bike and gear. 6ix is also big on being a team. They encourage starting and finishing rides together, therefore they recommend if you’re not able to stay the full 50 minutes that you don’t commit. They won’t allow late entries at all. We like the discipline. 

Considering 6ix includes clip-in shoes, towels and a lot of amenities in the change rooms, their fees are incredibly reasonable for a spin class in Toronto. For a drop-in class, they’re sitting in the middle for what we’ve seen in #thesix, with Torq Ride being the lowest at $22, however not as many things are included at Torq. 6ix also offers the best deal in the way of multi-class packs, with the 30-ride pack dropping each class to $15 which is the best value we’ve seen yet. Memberships are a bit high as they only make sense if you’re planning to push the pedal to the metal more than 3-4 times a week . Newbie tip – it’s totally worth trying the 2 weeks unlimited for $60 to test the waters with different instructors as they have over 16 teachers, you’ll get a very different class each time.  

  • Drop-in $25
  • 6ix pack $126 ($21 per ride)
  • 10 pack $180 ($18 per ride)
  • 20 pack $320 ($16 per ride)
  • 30 pack $450 ($15 per ride)
  • 1 month unlimited membership $225/mo
  • 3 months unlimited membership $199/mo
  • 6 months unlimited membership $175/mo
  • Promo: 2 weeks unlimited $60 


The design aesthetic of 6ix Cycle is the perfect balance of male/female, being just as approachable for the guys with details like graffiti walls and lockers, a black and white vibe with a pop of lime green (major male favorite); but the chicks are considered in the details too with the space being clean, organised, with a great flow and all the required beauty tools to get ready from the studio. Much like SoulCycle with the rules, 6ix sets expectations of their riders too with things like no phones in the studio (love it), respect eachother, don’t be smelly, don’t be late, etc. The love for Toronto comes in a little bit throughout the studio with local artist, Toronto skyline shower curtains in the change rooms and leggings for sale in the main lobby. Considering 6ix has been able to secure such a boss name, there might be opportunity for them to differentiate themselves even further from the spin competition with a deeper tie to their new home. But in a cool way, like get Stroman to pop-in for a class. NBD. The facilities are well laid out, with tons of secure locker space, two showers and plenty of space to get ready in each change room. 

Like many other spin studios these days, the spin room is dimly lit to allow you to push hard without the vanity, and lined with blue lights to provide a bit of club feel. With a capacity of around 60 bikes, the spin studio is a great size and we could totally see how a full class would generate incredible energy. Our classes were fairly lean, with only about 6 riders in each, mostly female and it all newbies since the studio is so fresh itself. The one thing that came up for us while riding is that the bikes are fairly close together, and considering they’ll need a bit of time to build up for a max capacity class, they could thin out the rows and remove ~4 bikes to avoid riders knocking elbows during pushups on the handlebars. That said, the bikes themselves were our favorite and the most comfortable that we’ve seen yet, which might seem trivial but a comfortable saddle sans padded shorts is no easy thing to find. Clipping in and out of the bikes was super easy also which we uber appreciate since we are no strangers to the awkward still-attached-to-bike dismount.


  • Spin shoes provided (Shimano). Recomend to wear in spin room only so you don’t slip all over the place
  • Towels provided (both shower towels and sweat towels for the class)
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash
  • Blowdryer, straightener, spray deodorant, hair ties
  • Toronto products by Nadia Lloyd 
  • 6ix Cycle branded gear and Calgary made leggings, bras and tanks for purchase


Despite the name of the studio, the owners at 6ix Cycle are fairly new to the 416. Julie and her husband, Sheldon, are the kind of small business entrepreneurs you want to get behind. Having left their corporate jobs in Calgary to move across the country and take a risk to pursue their true passion, to run a fitness studio that has the power to change lives through sweat, fitness, positive energy and hard work. One of the coolest things about how these guys got started is that they trained from scratch all 16+ instructors from the coziness of their personal living room. Yah, actually. They brought in 18 stationary bikes into their apartment and trained their team every day for 6 weeks. Now that’s a team. Since then, they have gone through the typical growing pains of starting a new business, but they have learned, grown and become a massive contributor to the fitness scene in TO. So much so that they were just nominated for this year’s Notable awards! Congrats guys!  

Adam Deunk

Adam is also a born and bred Calgary man, so we automatically heart him. #loyalty. But really, Adam is such an incredible source of energy, positivity and sheer fitness, that he made our return experience to 6ix Cycle even more enjoyable, and hard. Very hard. Adam had the energy of the room on ultra-high from the moment we started the class. Calling out nearly half the class by name of people he personally invited or regulars he knew, he also ensured he introduced us to a few fellow riders that were other instructors including Julie, the owner. It was a nice touch and showed the connectivity to the community and you felt part of something. From then on, his teaching style was loud, shouty (but in a good way) with high energy the entire time, think spinning your towel above your head like a fan to the beat while riding. Adam incorporated choreography throughout the class to the beat of the fast-based music and his playlist was a motivating mix of pop, rap, and dance. Adam teaches Tuesdays and Thursdays during the day, Saturday afternoon and (our favorite) Friday mornings which has become a personal branded #DeunkNDonuts ride that leverages his wicked relationship with Glory Hole Doughnuts to provide you with a few sneaky treats post ride.




We’re rating Adam’s class Way Hard without a doubt. The class was so high-energy from the moment we stepped on our bikes until about 42 minutes later. Preggo note –  this is the 3rd or 4th spin class that I’ve taken since being pregnant and it’s completely ok to do (always ask your doc). Ensuring to take it at your own pace and drink even more water than you normally would, bring a little snack pack of almonds or something for after class and ensure your not pushing yourself to the same standards your normally might. You might find that your legs just won’t quite move to the quick beats as easily as they did before, and that is totally ok. I adjusted the class by keeping the pace but not pushing my resistance level so hard so that I was challenged and sweaty, but in a way that I felt comfortable. The most important thing is to stay connected to your body and listen to what it needs, always.  

The class structure at 6ix are like the modern spin styles that we’re starting to see more often. High energy, dark room, music playlist is playing just as important a role as the instructor, and full-body choreography and weights woven throughout the high intensity, low-impact class. The class had a mixture of sprinting and hills, mixed with off the seat hovering, tap backs (where you drive your toosh and hips backwards and hover over the seat to activate the glutes) and arms that includes 2-3 lb. weights. The thing to caution with these fast-paced style of classes, especially for the intimidated beginner, is that the instructor can only assist so much with corrections on form so it’s key to keep your shoulders down, not to hunch over the bars, get your bike set up properly before class, and as silly as it seems, remember to breathe. You can adjust the difficulty level at your discretion, and although the instructor will encourage you to ride to the beat and with the rest of the class, you do you. There were two of us attending this class for FC and we were of different levels and both experienced a challenging sweaty ride that left us feeling our glutes and inner thighs days following. 5 pineapples guys, 5 pineapples.

To try this class or anything else on their schedule, see 6ix Cycle’s contact info below.

6ix Cycle
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E-mail: spinfo@6ixcycle.com
PHONE | (416) 901.7746
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