Meet the Contributors

cro·ny: ˈkrōnē/ – “a close friend or companion who goes to classes and writes about it like a boss or takes killer photography or both”

Meet A

Once upon a time I was a skinny-fat, young father who loved nothing more than the couch and a good TV show. I am an adult educator who is really good at teaching people how to lead, interact and respect those around themselves. One day I realised I needed to start respecting myself. Finally, I opened my mind to the idea that there was a huge community of people just like me, who wanted to get off the couch and better themselves, I needed to find the place to do that. Edmonton proved right away that it had tons of options for someone like me. 

After sampling studios and exercises, I found my groove. The folks at Run Collective Edmonton and November Project Canada opened my eyes to fitness; it can be fun. I can do this. Since finding my community within Edmonton, I wanted to help other people find their community too. Enter T and FCG. Teaching, running, spin and yoga are what make me  tick every day. Fit-City Guide combines all of those and more. 


Meet L

Ooh hey there, I’m over here and down a little… the one you’ll find behind the lens. Just doing my thing quietly, sharing the beauty of our world through my eyes.

Growing up in the West, naturally I’m a mountain girl at heart and drawn to the majestic heights of the Rockies. But not long ago, I traded mountains for skyscrapers, setting my roots deep in the core of this place I now call home. This city, Toronto, has challenged me in so many ways; mentally, physically and artistically. 

Being my own worst critic and biggest competition, it’s not a surprise that I’ve leaned toward solo activities when it comes to my athletic interests. From being a gymnast throughout my childhood to hiking snow-capped peaks, to finding my balance in the practice of yoga, these are the core of my activities. So when T proposed the idea of being a part of Fit City, my initial instinct was “nahh… that’s not my thing”. The thought of trying out all the craze, cult following fitness classes filled with high energy individuals gave me anxiety. I was quite content with my small group and individual activities. T knew I needed some time to process but before long I came around to realising Fit City WAS my next challenge. Not only does it challenge me to go beyond my comfort zone mentally and physically, it pushes me to learn how to capture the beauty in movement and expression. Something I always felt was the hardest to truly communicate in one shot. 

So you might not ever see me in the limelight of FC… but I’m here, capturing the moments we share through sweat, laughs and sometimes even tears.



TBH, fitness was never my forte. I grew up as the chubby girl in ballet classes and never had the confidence to appreciate my curves. I would hide behind baggy clothes, ate way too much Tim Hortons and would shy away from taking responsibility for my own health. Once I grew up a bit (and puberty was on my side) I came to the realisation that those curves = strength. I knew I had to make a change in my life style. Insert T. She shed some awesome light onto my life and how fitness didn’t have to be a burden or a chore, but a way to strengthen yourself both mentally and physically and can actually be fun too. 

Jump to today – I’m still the curvy gal I’ve always been but stronger then ever and more confidant than ever in my body. My love for dance followed me from childhood to adulthood, and now I have happily made it part of my profession as a burlesque dancer in Edmonton. Fitness helped me get here, feeling confident, strong and ready for anything that comes my way. As I explored different classes and workouts, I became a happier person and a stronger performer. Frankly, I want everyone to feel that way, which is why I am SO excited to be a part of the FCG fam!!!! Making fitness more approachable is what opened my eyes to a world of possibilities and I can’t wait to do that for others!!