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Om Hot Yoga (formly known as bē Hot Yoga) is an intimate studio is tucked away on the West end of Edmonton’s downtown core, surrounded by art galleries, independent businesses, and good eats (we see you, Duchess). Our experience with Om Hot Yoga started off super smooth, with staff welcoming people as they walked in the door even at the late hour. Note – the class we attended was from 8:45-10:00pm, and the staff were still on the ball and friendly at the end of their shift. Good one guys – we know you’re tired. The studio had recently been renovated and it definitely has a vibe that can (and will) be referred to as sexy. Yes, sexy. Sexy lights are a thing in this hot sweaty studio.


10619 124 Street, Edmonton

We’re definitely vibing the location of Om. Located right on 124th street, the studio is tucked in between the neighbourhoods of Oliver, Westmount, and Glenora. Being in this area means that after class you can walk down the street and check out the many independent businesses, coffee shops (you know we love Credo), art galleries, and restaurants that have popped up along here in recent years. Public transportation to the studio is a breeze with tons of bus lines coming down 124th on the regular, and while parking in the area may be tricky, it’s also plentiful. bē Hot also has a super handy map on their website of all the parking options that include time restrictions and pay zones (here). We opted to drive and definitely struggled with actually finding the studio, even though it was right in front of us when we parked – oops! It’s pushed back from the road, so you might miss it on a casual drive by (which is our excuse and we’re sticking to it).


Here’s where we think Om excels in the pineapple department. Om Hot Yoga has a sister studio, Lions Breath Yoga located down the street, and they offer transferrable passes for either studio. There’s a wide variety of hot and warm classes offered at bē Hot, but with access to Lions Breath Yoga who hosts multiple non-heated options as well, there’ll always be a time or class that works for your schedule. Plus, the transferrable pass concept is pretty boss. Even without the pass, the pricing at bē Hot Yoga is the lowest we’ve seen so far in Edmonton, with drop-in rates running at $18 and an unlimited monthly pass for $99 which, if nerding out, works out to $12 per class if you go 2x per week! The one thing to be careful of, the passes expire at different times so be sure you’re clear on what you’re buying. See below for all pricing options. 

  • Drop-in: $18
  • 10-day intro pass: $29
  • 3 Class Pass: $49.95 ($16.65 per class)
  • 5 Class Pass: $75 ($15 per class)
  • 10 Class Pass: $130 ($13 per class)
  • 20 Class Pass: $250 ($12.50 per class)
  • Monthly auto-renew: $99
  • One year Unlimited: $1,100
  • Students and senior discounts offered

Om offers classes that focus on ensuring your yoga experience is well rounded and suited to your personal limitations, strengths and interests. Their classes include Hot Flow, Vinyasa Flow, and Restorative Yoga among others. The class we chose was Happy Hips because ours aren’t so happy these days (seriously, marathon training is hard, guys). Major kudos to whoever wrote their class descriptions online, btw. For a newbie, the world of yoga can be incredibly intimidating and this page definitely takes you by the hand and guides you like a pro. Lastly, not seen on the schedule is their community building and charity initiatives. On a frequent basis, they’ll host House Flow, which is taught with a DJ and will sometimes include beer and wine, and the chance to connect on a community level. Their last event had over 45 people, and raised over $600 for the food bank in cash donations! Woot!


Shooting straight, we like the vibe in Om Hot Yoga. The design of the space is super funky, down to earth, and comfortable – not to mention, sexy with all its sexy lighting. When coming into the studio you’re greeted by a large lobby area with a gorgeous front desk, ample shoe racks, and a large sitting area, which is usually full of yogi chatter. Off the main sitting area is what can only be described as a seating alcove; a large circular area with chalkboard walls. This week’s feature was well wishes and inspiring thoughts starting the new year. We dug it. Across from the alcove are the change rooms. We have to pause here to give some major props to the designers of this space. The size of these change rooms is plain awesome. Both the men’s change room and the women’s change room are large, private, and clean. There are no lockers, but many cubbies for all your things to be safely stored while you get your stretch on. The practice room is absolutely massive, you guys. We’ve been looking for a hot yoga spot in Edmonton that gives off the kind of vibe that keeps you coming back, and this is definitely a contender! The aesthetics are on point, with full mirrors along one side, a marble-style laminate floor, and the same sexy lighting carried in from the lobby.

The crowd here definitely leans towards the young fit type, but we saw numerous fitness levels and ages in the room. There were only about 14 practicing with us, so we had a ton of space in the large room and it was an even split of men and women. There was also about 25% of the class brand new to yoga, which is one of the things bē Hot prides themselves on; being accessible to beginners for all classes. Overall, it’s very approachable no matter what your experience level. 


  • Water and juice available for purchase
  • Towel rental $2
  • Mat rental $3
  • Women’s change room has 3 showers, 2 sinks, 2 washroom stalls (one wheelchair accessible), and 2 private change stalls. Complementary product (shampoo, etc.) is provided, and the women’s room has a hair dryer. We also freaked over the adorable ‘get ready’ stations in the women’s change room that sit separately from the main part of the washroom.
  • The men’s change room has 4 showers, and 1 washroom stall.
  • Shop that features Om Hot Yoga clothing, Lululemon mats, S’Well bottles, Yoga Design Lab gear, Half-Moon mats, books, and much more!


Jason Morris is the owner of Om Hot Yoga. He is a former dancer (just like our very own T), and found yoga in his 30’s. By taking over Om in Edmonton, Jason strives to create an environment that strays away from big box yoga, and highlights inclusivity in its practice. Jason spoke with passion about creating a safe space for people to practice, regardless of our differences. We loved it, and we loved that he was so open about his vision. 

Mirene Paladines – “It’s your body, your practice” 

Mirene has been at Om Hot in Edmonton since 2013, where she teaches Warm Yin and Hot Happy Hips. She had a very open approach to the class being modified for each individual practice and body – flow if you want, but don’t if it doesn’t feel right. Her steadfast approach directly aligns with the studio’s promise to its yogis and she led us through a large variety of poses, but always bringing us back to the basics after each series. We loved that she gave positive affirmations to the yogis in the room that were challenging themselves. The one thing we did notice is that Mirene used her mat to show what things were supposed to look like, however for the class demographic we would have expected more descriptions and assistance of the poses. There were a number of beginner yogis in the room that had a hard time understanding what to do with their bodies without looking around.



We’re rating this class Chill, which is exactly what we were hoping for in a late night class focusing on our struggling hips. The class started out in Savasana, and Mirene warmed us up slowly from there. This Hatha practice was all about getting into the hips with openers and strengtheners. We chose this class because we’ve been feeling some extra special leg and hip pain from marathon training, and thought that this was a great opportunity to loosen up those tight muscles. We went into this expecting a soft and soothing class with focus into the hip joints, muscles, and connectors; and that’s exactly what we got. The overall flow of the class was logical, and very well split between standing poses, seated poses, and flow. While we’ve rated this as Chill, the class was not only a nice introduction for someone just starting out, but could still be interesting and challenging for the more experienced yogi. We found this class to be a great example of “bus stop yoga”, meaning you can hop off whenever your body is comfortable but keep on rolling if you want to push yourself. It also helped that Mirene strongly promoted the idea of choosing your own practice – we wanted chill, so we got chill.  Overall, we had a great evening and our hips are happy, as promised.

 To try this class or anything else on their schedule, see Om Hot Yoga contact info below.


PHONE: 780.700.2332
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