Boomerang, YYZ | 3.5

The best reason to go to Boomerang Pilates is to get personal, tailored and very technical training. Their program philosophy is based on exercising correctly and moving smartly, not just exercising to burn calories. Actually on the flip side, you may only burn about 100 cals in a class but you’ll learn all about your bod and what you’re doing to it.

TO Yoga Mamas, YYZ | 5

This TOP RATED uber specialised, modern, and super welcoming boutique mama studio specialises in pre and postnatal yoga, Pilates and barre classes, and the prenatal yoga class we took was (thankfully) not a lame watered down yoga class like many prenatal classes can be. Instead it was challenging, educational and the facilities had us coming back for more - also bc the shopping is next level adorbs.