YYC Cycle, YYC | 4

This is one of Calgary's most popular spin studios and with three location in YYC, and now two in Edmonton, there are plenty of opportunities to get your butt in the saddle. With decor game on point and well priced challenging classes that will make you sweat OH SO V much, you'll get why they needed 5 studios.

Dance Code, YEG | 4

This is one of the most talked about and visited dance studios in Edmonton. With a wide range of drop-in classes, a plethora of dance styles, and a vibe that oozes inclusiveness, it's easy to understand why. S tried the Burlesque Boom class which is basically a bootcamp style cardio class with elements of sexy burlesque woven in, and she also snuck in a lil' sample of the Beginner Heels class which is exactly what it sounds like - a dance class in heels - nuff said. Check out why they earned 4 pineapples and lost a few halfers, what the what a Burlesque Boom dance class consists of, and to find out S's industry tips on how to choose the right heels to dance in. 


Yogaspace is the last studio review in my prenatal journey, since I popped a few weeks later (eeep!), and I'm so happy I was able to squeeze it in considering this is one of the oldest yoga studios in Toronto, and THE oldest pre and postnatal program in Toronto. Earning three pineapples for being easily located in Ossington, having over 60 classes per week and having prices that are in line with the lowest we've seen in Toronto, but the crammed spaces, lack of lockers and hour and a half prenatal class that landed somewhere between a restorative class and a flow class but without really letting us get our groove in either, left us wanting a bit more.

Lifestyle Meditation

Lifestyle Meditation is Canada’s first meditation studio, and it’s a completely unique experience from any other boutique studio you’ve come to know. Their business is based predominantly on a wide variety of meditation styles, with the overall goal of giving you a stress reducing injection of quiet happiness. I mean...sounds pretty good, right?