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*UPDATE* Lifestyle Meditation has permanently closed their studio front but continues to provide classes & workshops virtually. See their website for more information. (July 2020)

We’re switching things up a bit with this review. We wanted to slow things down and find something in YEG different than spin, circuit, barre, dance or yoga.  I’d heard of Lifestyle Meditation before and how GORGEOUS and NEXT LEVEL cool this place is, so I took the time for the kind of relaxation and restoration that I didn’t even know I craved. Lifestyle Meditation is Canada’s first meditation studio, and it’s a completely unique experience from any other boutique studio you’ve come to know. Although LM offers some yin yoga class, their business is based on a wide variety of meditation styles, with the overall goal of giving you a stress reducing injection of quiet happiness. I honestly had no idea what to expect when I walked in the doors, and I had serious post-meditation writers block trying to explain how much I enjoyed my time. It’s actually a bit shocking how little I remember from the class itself – it’s truly the lost hour – which means I did something right… right?


10937 – 120 Street, Edmonton, AB

Lifestyle is tucked away in the middle of a neighbourhood that we’ve never even stumbled upon, even though our chiropractor is only two blocks north of the studio. While the location is easily accessible, it’s definitely a destination and not a stop along the way. The real treat that you’re exposed to once you find Lifestyle Meditation, is the amazing community complex that they’re part of. This, my friends, is why we’re giving LM full fruits on their location, and why you’ll forgive us for it. Just a few doors down from Lifestyle Meditation is Modern Gravity Float Studio (which is definitely on our list of experiences we NEED to try soon) where you can indulge in the ultimate day of relaxation and introspection pairing a meditation class with a float – just think of all that blissful silence. But the fun doesn’t stop there – while you’re in the mood to treat yourself around the corner (but technically still in the same building) is our favorite Edmonton doughnut shop, Doughnut Party. We’re helpless to stay away. There’s ample free parking, a wonderful bike path across the street, and a number of bus lines that will take you within walking distance of the studio.


The studio features seven Lifestyle Meditation signature classes (which can be found here). The classes offer a broad spectrum of relaxation, so you can find the one best suited to your needs. If you’re looking for guided instruction on breathing techniques to help relieve the stress in your body, you can take one of the Breathe classes. If you’re looking for a class that will help release tension and slow down your active mind, try the Sleep class (yes, you read that correctly – sleep class). There’s a maximum of five classes per day, starting as early as 9:30am, with the last class as late as 8:30pm. This means that 9-5ers might struggle to find a class that fits their schedule, unless popping in for a 12:15pm-12:45pm class that’s offered every weekday. LM recommends that you sign-up online beforehand to reserve a spot, and that you show up approximately 15 minutes prior to the start time – which you’ll want to do anyways because of the shopping. Seriously. In addition to the regularly scheduled programming found on LM’s class schedule, they offer a wide variety of workshops, including Calm Kids, Full Moon Ritual, Candlelit Yin, and Community Classes – so we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find something that fits your fancy. We’re definitely heading back for the two-hour introduction to meditation workshop, which boasts a scientific and discussion-based approach to meditation instruction. Also, for any non-YEG dwellers that are jealous reading this, LM offers ONLINE classes. Facilitated through Namastream (like our other fav steamable site for Pure Yoga), it requires an account membership and you have the choice of purchasing individual classes (noted below) like the one-time Introduction to Meditation class, or you can purchase a monthly membership that gives you access to all live stream classes and recorded classes (if you can’t catch the class time) of over 26 current videos and any future events and classes.

As far as prices, the drop-in rate is on par with many other boutique fitness studios we’ve reviewed in Edmonton at $20 before tax, however with this being the first Meditation Studio we’ve been to, we don’t have anything to directly compare it to. It’s interesting, because you’re not exactly paying for an hour long sweat session like Spinunity where you’ve paid to have your ass handed to you and burn 700 calories, and some may not see value in a $20 meditation class, however we personally get it and need that blocked off, uninterrupted time to be able to truly zen, focus and shut everything out. But it’s a very personal choice as far as what people deem reasonable for this, as we polled it around to our peoples and some would pay even more, while other would rather see a discounted ~$10-$15 class for something like this. We’ll leave with you to noodle.

  • Drop-in: $20
  • 5 Class Pass: $90 ($18 per class – expires 3 months after purchase)
  • 10 Class Pass: $160 ($16 per class – expires 6 months after purchase)
  • 1 Month Unlimited Membership: $85 (30 days – no contract)
  • Monthly Auto-Renew Membership (Minimum 3 Months): $69/Month
  • Intro Offer $40 for 1 month unlimited

Online Pricing:

  • Monthly Membership: $14.99
  • Introduction to Meditation: $19
  • Introduction to Sharing Meditation with Kids and Teens: $19
  • Signature Classes (6): $19


OH, MY, GOODNESS you guys. This studio is beautiful. It’s been sent from serenity right into our Instagram’s dreams. As you walk in, you’re greeted by a large open space that is to.die.for. There’s sitting space everywhere, which aligns with the community that LM is trying to create by inviting participants to hang out after class and discuss their experiences (or not). There’s a tea station to fill up on complimentary tea before or after class and a retail boutique full of amazing merchandise (oh hey, tiny gold anatomy hearts <3). We spent so much time browsing that we almost didn’t get into the class on time. One observation we made, while the practice is quite serious, the vibe was hella chill. The studio takes the practice of meditation seriously but is also open to everyone experiencing their practice in their own way. Discussion was encouraged in the practice room both before and after, and there was a lot of joking and casual discussion taking place – which we really loved. There are no change rooms at Lifestyle Meditation, however there are three bathrooms, two of which are wheelchair accessible. Considering the type of activity (or lack thereof) that occurs here, we’re cool with no change rooms. Just know that this means you should come to the studio prepared in the clothing you want to meditate in. Also, there’s no meditation uniform. We saw everything from pajamas to blue jeans, so come in what’s comfortable to you. Design-wise, the studios are absolutely stunning. There is a main studio (where we were for our class) and a small studio, both of which have a killer aesthetic that feature massive solid brick walls, full cabinets, and large Persian style carpets throughout. The smaller studio is filled with large, cozy chairs to reinforce the idea that meditation is something that can take place anywhere. For our Reset class, the lights were turned off with candles burning throughout the room which made for a lovely, calming atmosphere.

Our class size was very small, with only five of us in attendance, and we were a little surprised with the attendees, even though we weren’t sure what to expect in the first place. That being said, we definitely weren’t expecting the two-middle aged blue-collar type guys that showed up. Proof that these classes are for anyone.


  • 3 washrooms – 2 wheelchair accessible
  • Mats, pillows, cushions, blankets provided
  • Eye pillows provided (UMMMM….. YES)
  • Water bottles for sale
  • Tea provided
  • Retail boutique including mats, books, essential oils, crystals, jewelry, clothing, towels – basically we’re going to think of this as the lifestyle section (get the pun, appreciate the pun).


Mandy Trapp is the woman behind Lifestyle Meditation. She is a mother of three and has a long list of accomplishments that make her an extremely awe-inspiring force in Edmonton’s fitness and wellness community. Mandy understands the demands of juggling a busy life, and we want to learn all the things from her. In 2008, she graduated from Chopra University with their top distinction of Vedic Master Educator and has brilliantly woven her Chopra education with her athletic training education, various yoga certifications, and several trips to India and Nepal into her work and the vibe at LM. Just another little thing, she founded the India/Nepal Yoga Project; a non-profit fundraiser that empowers healing in those affected by the devastating effects of human trafficking. NBD. Mandy also leads several classes at LM, so check the schedule to find a class and meet this inspiring woman for yourself.

Faye Stollery

Faye was our instructor for the Reset class, and she is possibly the most adorable human we’ve ever met. Faye greeted us with genuine enthusiasm when we checked in and showed us around the entire studio before helping us get set up for class. One of the most wonderful things we noticed about Faye is that she remembered, and used, everyone’s name in the class. Faye is a theater student, who took an interest in meditation and energy work when it proved beneficial for her to prepare for living in the moment on stage. She started her path in meditation modestly, with an app on her phone (who hasn’t tried this?) but inquired further and explored meditation to the point that she’s now instructing classes. We really liked the tone and flow of Faye’s voice, as we were in a dark room with our eyes covered, we feel like this could have been super awkward and bad if the right tone wasn’t used by the instructor. We also enjoyed that Faye started the class, and finished the class, with a quote. Um, we don’t remember what either of them were, but we remember we were into it.



We’re rating this class HELLA CHILL, and if we could, we would probably rate it HELLA HELLA HELLA CHILL. The class started very causally, and by casually, I mean that we each set up our own station comprised of mats, pillows, eye pillows, and blankets. How you set up your station is personal preference, but Faye was there to guide us newbies on what worked best and even tucked us in – yes, we were tucked in and it was amazing. Faye led us through a” journey-style” class, which means making your way through your own imagination for 35-45 minutes. For some of us, this meant nap time. From the start of the class, we were laying down and listening to Faye’s guidance and instruction. This was a little disorienting, and when she told us it was time to start coming back into ourselves, we were certain we had only just laid down… We ended the class sitting up, asking questions and carrying an open conversation.

The best way we can explain our experience with LM, is that it’s similar to the feeling you get when you fall asleep with the television on, or in a room with people talking. You know – when you’re not sure if you’re dreaming or listening to what’s happening but the world is swirling around you? That was our experience. It was wonderful. After class, we had a cup of tea with a few of our classmates, and we learned that everyone took something different from the class. Our friend, Katie, couldn’t remember a single thing from the room, and one of the gentlemen that stayed to chat with us had remained alert through the entire class, focusing on exploring his mind. Clearly, he’s done this before.

To try this class or anything else on their schedule, see Lifestyle Meditation’s contact info below.

PHONE: 780.761.3620
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