Ride Cycle Club Review

Ride, YYZ | 5

Easily one of the most anticipated reviews we've done in a while (bc some of the coolest people in our lives speak insanely highly of this place) and it did not disappoint. Immediately after class we took a desperately needed shower, bought an all black outfit and looked into a membership, which says ALOT for us.

Mile Zero, YEG | 3.5

This charming studio in the heart of Edmonton's Little Italy is full of chaotic character. We tried our hands at a contact dance class, which was a definite first and though it didn’t leave us gasping for breath, it absolutely fulfilled its purpose in connecting mind to body and forcing us to take time to understand how they work in partnership and to the world around us. Also, there was a HUGE test in trusting others - strangers nonetheless - which was a lil' life reminder unto itself.

Barreworks, YYZ | 4.75

Leaner - longer - stronger. Barreworks motto and speaking deeply to our soul. As Toronto's first ballet-based barre studio 5 years ago, these guys have dominated the barre space and made it affordable, fun and you'll see results. If you haven't tried barre before but always wanted to, this is where you should start.

Keep Cool, YYZ | 3.75

It's not very often that we review gym's, but Keep Cool is like, a cool gym, so it made the list. The truth is, as soon as we heard it's a gym "concept" (key word) from France, we were even more intrigued bc anything that makes us feel french we're into. The nuts of it is, Keep Cool has the makings of a typical gym with a bajillion treadmills and ellipticals, but its virtual classes, super high tech and unique equipment that we've never seen before, and attitude that preaches acceptance and balance, sets it apart from every other member only gym that we've been to.