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Water bottle

A lock if you’re storing anything 

Form-fitting bottoms

Shoes are provided



I really really love spin – and when you combine a studio that I’ve heard people talk about constantly with the fact that it’s spin – it was with obvious excitement that I headed to this hideaway cycle studio, Trū Ride Cycle in South Edmonton. Trū was interesting because I got a glimpse into a totally new-to-me take on boutique fitness: a boutique experience ensconced in a big-box gym. Tbh, I wasn’t totally sure how to feel about it – I get the benefits but also see some drawbacks. What I do know, is that I was treated to a well run class with an awesome instructor and all the support I could hope for on a Sunday morning sweat session.


3414 Gateway Boulevard NW, Edmonton, AB

The location of Trū Ride Cycle is…unique. We were a little confused when the GPS took us to the front of a World Health Gym, but a double check of the sign next to the all-too-familiar World Health logo, showed us we were in the right place. The studio has its own entrance in the back that we discovered later on, which we’ll definitely utilize next time btw. Nevertheless, the location is highly accessible by most methods of transportation, being that it’s nestled in between Gateway Boulevard and Calgary Trail. What’s odd is that it’s in the same building as Gateway Lanes Bowling Alley and that mini golf place that scares my children. It’s not a particularly flashy location, and that’s OK, because it’s accessible by bus, has tons of parking, and caters to a large portion of the city that doesn’t have a robust selection of spin studios.


These guys offer a variety of uncomplicated, beginner friendly spin classes. Classes are typically 50 minutes and start at 6:00am during the winter and 9:30am in the summer, with the last class usually at 6:45pm. Weekend classes are more limited, with usually two per day and wrapping up by 10:45am. All riders need to sign-up online to reserve a bike prior to class and it’s recommended to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class to properly set-up. Through the summer, they offer a maximum of three classes a day, and in the winter the class options range from three-five classes a day. 

Where Trū Ride Cycle really excels is their accessibility to people who may not generally try a boutique style spin class, and this is what impressed us. With the whole boutique-in-a-big-box-gym concept, they not only offer classes to the general public that just want spin, but also reduced prices for World Health members. 

These prices are SERIOUSLY great for a spin studio, and if you’re a World Health member, you’re laughing. They offer a free ride for any first time riders, and their 20 ride pass works out to roughly $11.50 per ride. Monthly memberships totally make sense if you’re planning on riding more than once a week, with the unlimited monthly membership only running you $119. On top of that, World Health members pay a $10 drop in, $65 for 8 classes, or one free ride per month with membership. 

  • Single Ride: $20
  • 10 Class Pass: $149 ($14.90 per ride)
  • 20 Rides: $229 ($11.45 per ride)
  • Trū Ride Limited: $88 (8 Rides/Month)
  • Trū Ride Unlimited: $119
  • Intro Offer: First Class Free
  • Promo: 2 Months Unlimited – $198



So again, this was interesting. Upon going into World Health, we were told by the lovely woman working the desk to go to the back of the gym, and find the black wall. So off we went, self-consciously making our way through a World Health in search of our spin class (question mark?). Trū Ride is a separate studio owned by World Health, and is complete with its own unique decor, vibe and feel. It’s small, seriously tucked into the back of the gym, but it’s important to mention that it doesn’t feel like an afterthought at all – it’s intentionally there, intentionally unique, and kinda really cool. They have their own desk to check in, which dominates the entrance area, and then a small, but totally workable sitting and merch area for riders to mingle before and after class. Riders were definitely mingling and we could pick up right away that this is the type of place where everyone knows each other, and it’s a good thing. The spin room itself is pretty standard, with 28 bikes, which is decently sized, and everyone is spread out well enough that you aren’t falling over each other on the way in and out. The vibe of the class itself was so so so positive that we couldn’t help but smile our way through it – The crowd for our class was a HUGE mix of all ages and fitness levels – definitely lending itself to beginners and experienced riders alike. 

Where we’re kind of unsure, is the amenities of Trū Ride. Being a part of World Health affords them some liberties but also leaves a little to be desired. By signing up for a class, you are also given full use of the World Heath amenities (gym, change room including sauna, etc.) for a half hour before and after class. This means there are no shortage of showers or lockers (bring your own lock) – we’re just really not sure about the, um, vibe of a big box change room. Ya know?!


  • Mens and womens change rooms, tons of private showers in each 
  • Shoes are included
  • Filtered water
  • Towels available from the World Health front desk – $2 rental 
  • Standard gym stuff (soap, blow dryer, etc)
  • Free earplugs if the music gets outta control
  • Sauna – utilized and recommended


We’re giving literally all the nods to the staff and leaders at Trū Ride for their support and attention to their riders. Dang, you guys. Our class had three instructors (Trū Leaders) to help set everyone up before class, which was next level. These leaders also grabbed bikes and rode along through the class, and we even noticed one get off and help a new rider halfway through the class – another example of how they’re making a boutique experience available to new riders in a non-terrifying way. And we’re all about that. At the beginning of class, the instructor that took us through the motions even shouted out the names of the first timers in the class and made sure everyone feel welcome (this both mortified us as our names were called, and made us super happy to be there). 

Michaela Gracie

Michaela is a spitfire with contagious energy. She is so full of a bounding joy and kindness that we were super happy to be in a class led by her. She led us though 45 minutes of hard riding followed by a five minute cool down, and made us feel like we weren’t tired even though we sweat completely through our shirts. Michaela leads her classes with what we’d consider the perfect energy level and motivation amount: not enough to be cheesy but not so little that you’re unmotivated. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼



We’re rating this one Middle of the Roadsies – not too easy, and not too hard, and just right for beginners. The choreography is simple and easy to follow, and very uncomplicated with no dips, rolls or weights. The overall concept for the 45 minute class is switching between high intensity intervals and resetting, and you’ll aim to hit your maximum three times gradually building up to each one. Michaela gave riders the option to vary their difficulty level throughout, and she constantly encouraged us to listen to our body. We LOVED the fact that the class is very simple and uncomplicated in concept, but every once in a while the up-back-forward-down repeat of the choreography got a little busy, rushed, and potentially unnecessary. With quick transitions comes potential missed beats and missed unison in the riders. Our thoughts – own the uncomplicated premise because it works and it’s fun. In the end, we left class with a huge smile and a serious calorie deficit, and most of all, we enjoyed experiencing a new concept to boutique fitness that gets more people interested in spin. 

If you’re into this and want to give them a try, see Tru’s full schedule here.