4 Reasons I’m Obsessed With Kickboxing

4 Reasons I’m Obsessed With Kickboxing

After a long day at the office, a forgotten lunch, a missed coffee break, a bad hair day, or an unnecessary disagreement with le boyfriend, I’m ready to boost those endorphins and blow off a lot of little steam. So, while relying on my good friend Cabernet Sauvignon seems like an exceptionally great idea, instead I’ve met myself a “Bob” .

Who’s Bob? Not a real man, of course, but rather a freestanding heavy body bag used at some boxing studios. At Toronto’s Big Hit Kickboxing Studios, the home of these fine gentlemen, Bobs anxiously await as people prepare to unleash their day, throw a few swings, and get a serious sweat on.


While there are a handful of boxing/kickboxing studios and classes around Toronto (Studio-KO and BOLO, for ex.), I’ve found a healthy obsession at Big Hit. Not only do I love the coaches and their wealth of knowledge and passion for fitness, I also love the variation of classes they offer. These classes range from solely focusing on technique and the fundamentals of Muay Thai to classes that incorporate weighted slam balls for added heat. So, while other forms of exercises can cause me to sweat, I’ve never experienced ANYTHING like the puddle that’s left under me when I leave a kickboxing class after Lauren’s core box class (someone throw me a life jacket once I’m done…).


Combining a variety of techniques with serious cardio, kickboxing comes with a handful of benefits and they have changed my life in massive ways. And here we have the 4 {main} reasons I’m obsessed:

1 – Calorie Killer

According to Harvard Health Pubs, A 125lb person can burn an average of 600 calories in an hour of kickboxing. However, when it comes to kickboxing, you control just how much heat you decide to bring to each class. Just like picking between the 10lb or 20lb weight, you can choose how explosive you want your punches and kicks to be, burning less or more calories. While you’re kicking and punching, the cardio-conditioning element of kickboxing is also known to be one of THE MOST effective ways to burn fat

2 – Full Body Tonage

Kickboxing is not just kicking, you’re also adding striking combos and body movements, building all-around functional strength and working on your cardio simultaneously. It forces you to engage all the muscle groups in your body, while improving your flexibility and reflexes. When you’re kickboxing, you’ll often keep your movements close and tight, forcing you to engage muscles and work harder to rotate through your core. I found that these movements in kickboxing are what have helped me find definition and toning in place I’ve never been able to tone before – at least not to this extent.

3 – Stress Relief

This is one of the few places where it’s socially acceptable to punch, kick, and yell at someone to relieve stress – and get in shape! Like most exercise, physical activities such as kickboxing produce endorphins that act as a natural painkiller, also triggering a positive feeling in the body similar to morphine. This has a direct impact on how well you sleep, and we all know we’re much kinder humans after a good night’s rest. So, while you punch or kick bob, you can blow off some steam and leave the studio feeling a little lighter.

4 – Confidence Boost

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe its kickboxing. While you can work out anywhere to achieve your fitness goals, kickboxing is where your confidence is taken to another level. Not only does this confidence stem from the progress you see physically, but also from the mental strength you build to be able to push through each class with proper form and dedication. You begin to see the change when you hear the sound each punch makes, the blow in your kicks, and the ability to move from knee to full push-ups over time. Something about the never-ending evolution of your form and strength makes your confidence consistently rise when you’re kickboxing!


I can honestly say that I more than love kickboxing, I’m obsessed. Not only for said reasons, but also because it makes me feel some type of way. I wish I could describe it – but it’s a feeling you get after committing and finding a strength about yourself you never knew you had. It changes your perception of your body entirely, and you learn to slowly love yourself throughout every stage, each challenge, and all your hurdles. Honestly, it changed my life. Kickboxing made me fight for myself and the life I know I deserve. It pushes me to commit to a healthier lifestyle, to push boundaries, to take risks, to chase goals, and to block out the noise that prevents me from doing otherwise. When I realized that my progress in class was purely a result of my hard work, focus, and dedication, I knew that I had no excuse when it came to applying the same concept in other aspects of my life. That confidence and desire to see results just spilled over naturally, like gravy onto fries ;).

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Claudia Erban, creator of Urban Meets Erban, set out on an adventure a year ago to create a blog in which she could document her journey to finding balance and confidence. Through new relationships, discovering opportunities, and a new found love for fitness, Claudia has unearthed a self-confidence that has created a motto she encourages in other people, “be you, confidently”. Her belief in  building strength both physically and mentally has driven her to find various forms of exercise that allow her to do both simultaneously. Former makeup artist, Law Clerk by day, Claudia takes followers on a punny journey as she navigates through the good, the bad, and the sweaty road to discovering self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle.