To Tone Up or To Coppertone Up – 3 Ways to Sweat in Honolulu

Nobody ever says this, but traveling can be a bitch. You’re away from home and your routine, you often spend long hours getting to your destination therefore puffyness and dehydration runneth over, and you’re likely extra glutenous bc you eat out and drink waaaaay more than norms. HOWEVER on my recent trip to Honolulu, I was extra conscious of keeping up the healthy lifestyle I’ve created in Edmonton and not totally loosing myself in a sea of Mai Tai’s, and I intentionally sought out a few fitness classes. I know, slightly crazy. But it was actually fun seeing what’s happening in the land of fitness studios in Hawaii (Jazzersize is back – just wait), and I was down for anything that made me feel less guilty about my breakfast Pina Colada. Here are my top three, in order of our FC Level of Difficulty scaling system, because that’s important while on vaca. They also happen to be in order of cheapest to most expensive – hmmm interesting.


Jazzersize – Chill

Jazzercise Honolulu Palolo Hongwanji – 1641 Palolo Avenue 

So apparently, Jazzercise is a thing in Honolulu. Its hard to say if it’s back, or if it never really left this glorious island – but regardless, the Jazzercise options are endless. With 17 locations scattered across Honolulu alone, these studios range from community centres, to rando outdoor areas, to indoor studios. It’s usually an hour long class and it’s the perfect, fun, casual workout for you and your girlfriends the morning after too many margs. It’s designed to engage your whole body and is meant to be cardio heavy. I say that bc it’s accessible to all levels, hence the chill rating

The teacher will take you through a series of combinations to up-beat top 40 hits that you can take back to the dance floor later that night – jk, obviously. The combinations will slowly increase speed and complexity, and towards the end of class, you’ll move to the floor which a yoga mat and 5lb weights for some mild toning. Due to traveling, I didn’t have much other then my trainers and work out clothes; but the studio was happy to provide a mat and weights. Even though the combinations and exercises weren’t too difficult to follow I was sweating pretty hard by the end of class, but it’s tough to say if it was due to the constant movement or the +30 humidity. Nevertheless, I was beaming from ear to ear as I shook my tail feather alongside moms and grandmas for this fun and energetic class that ended up being a perfect primer for a beach day.

  • Drop In: $15USD
  • Monthly pass: $50USD/mth
  • Transfer fee (if you’re already a Jazzercise member) $5USD

Honolulu Holo Cycling StudioMiddle of the Roadsies

1035 University Ave 201A

This class was SO my jam. The studio is only a small 2,000 sq ft facility tucked into the back of a building with one room of bikes and a small unisex washroom, but it’s got all the makings of a hardworking, hard sweating, bad ass spin studio. When I first arrived at the studio I was was greeted by Devin, our instructor who also checked everyone into class, and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to rent/borrow clip-in shoes but could opt to use the foot cages that fit my trainers – perfect for travellers. Once we were sorted on our bikes with Devin’s help, he led us through a fast riding, hour long class that had me working up a heavy sweat before I took on Honolulu and reversed everything I just worked for. One of my favourite things about this class was the room set up and the music. Next to the instructors bike at the front of the studio are two huge projectors that play the music videos to the songs that we road to. Holy entertainment. It helped push me harder as I tried my damnedest to match the uptempo dance music vids while acting as a wicked distraction when I felt like I had nothing left. Although the studio is small, the energy was high and even though it wasn’t the most difficult spin class I’ve taken, it got me sweating and feeling great. So, win.

  • Single Class: $20USD
  • 10 Class Pass: $140USD
  • 20 Class Pass: $240USD
  • Aloha Package (Includes 3 rides) $55USD – expires 1mth after date of purchase
  • Additional passes offered for monthly visits

The Bar Method – Hard

2758 South King Street, Suite 206

K, this place means BUSINESS. I don’t often get intimidated when I go to a studio – cuz we do this a lot now – but this place was on a new level (also, it was literally on a new level of an outdoor shopping complex FYI).  From the moment I walked into this fitness sanctuary I was smacked in the face could feel the luxe aura ooze from the beautifully coordinated decor and lithe bodies floating past me. Needless to say, Toto we weren’t in our local Edmonchuk barre studio anymore. I ran into a bit of trouble right off the bat with the class that I chose so keep a watchful eye that you sign up for the right thing. At The Bar Method, only certain classes can be taken if you’ve never been before – all others require an introductory class – which can be awks if travelling. Not knowing dis, I picked the class that best fit my schedule which ended up being a 45 minute express class taught by one of the ‘in training’ teachers and was meant for those who’ve taken said intro class. Alls well that ends well though, as they graciously scooted me into the class at the last minute.

The class was super fast paced, but a ton of fun and very similar to Xtend Barre in Edmonton in that it was heavily rooted in ballet. We worked through a standing full-body warm up, used hand weights for an arm series, moved to the floor for an ab section, and then the eventual cool down and stretch. The teacher in training, Megan, was KILLER!!! I would fly back to that studio for her alone. She knew it was my first class and was so helpful in explaining the movement in extra detail just to me bc apparently everyone else understood it better than I did. She made the effort to remember every students name in the class of about 15 people so she could individually give corrections and root you on – which is pretty impressive in a transient place like this that often sees half locals and half travellers. Love Love Love. The class worked up a sweat and pushed me harder than I ever expected with barre (and I have a dance background) and left me feeling sore for days after. Though I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb in their studio of beautiful fitness babes, I was so pleasantly surprised to arrive back to Canada with a post card in the mail from them thanking me for stopping in while on my trip. Nice one.

Dear The Bar Method,

You scared the crap out of me, but you were nice to me and I really would come back.


A regular person.

  • Single class: $30USD
  • 30 Day New Client Special: $89USD
  • One Week Unlimited: $59USD
  • 10 Series Class Pass: $220USD