Rumble Boxing

◊ THE CLASS: Heavy Bag ◊

5 pineapples


  • Indoor cross-trainers, boxing shoes are welcome but not necessary
  • Hand wraps (can purchase for $15)
  • Boxing gloves (can rent for $2)


Rumble; such a good name for a boxing studio. Having first opened in November 2016 in Calgary, AB this is one of the new age, next gen boxing studios that we’re seeing now. Gone are the days of the dirty, hardcore boxing clubs that may give you tendinitis and a black eye – enter the boutique boxing studio that opens the underground boxing ring up to the masses. Rumble does it well by still owning a level of hardcore with a killer workout, but serving it up in a pretty package with covetable boxing gloves, amenities galore, and in a beautiful setting. This is one of the lowest priced boxing studios we’ve seen yet, and what stood out to us the most is the way they connect the combinations to the music – like how spin is coming to be. Rumble is creating a space where anyone can lace up their proverbial boxing boots and learn how to throw a right hook/undercut/cross jab combo in a well-paced, club-like, safe environment – and not have to worry about their opponent ruining their face for their Tinder date. Winning. 


720 17 Ave SW, Calgary

Rumble has two studios in Calgary; their first on 17th Avenue just east of 7th Street SW, and the second in Country Hills (this is not to be confused with Rumble in NYC which is actually a totally different company and has no affiliation). The studio on 17th is centrally located in one of the busiest areas in Calgary for foot traffic, and super easy to get to on public transport. There’s available parking on neighbouring side streets and on 17th if you can get it (and if construction isn’t happening – which is basically never). 


Their signature is the Heavy Bag Class which is a high intensity “fight club meets night club” rendition that’s held everyday, almost every hour. It’s appropriate for beginners and advanced fighters alike and everyone will sweat like a beast and have a good time. Also on the schedule is Rumble Pad Class which is more about offensive and defensive technique while hitting pads with a partner, or the Badass Bootcamp; a medium intensity 50 minute circuit style class. Although there isn’t a TON of variety in the class schedule, they also have kickboxing programs, kids training programs, private training, corporate programs, and other bootcamps. So that’s coo’. Class times are pretty great with weekly classes starting at 6:15am, a few in the morning, a nooner class, and 3-4 in the evening with the last class usually at 7:30pm (sans Fridays, for obvious reasons). But the BEST is that even on weekends, classes run all the live long day, which is not the norm for studios – which is dumb, so thank you, Rumble!


Pretty damn reasonable and the lowest boxing studio we’ve been to yet at $20 for drop-in (their closest competitor in YYC is Undrcard at $24). Boxing gloves are an additional $2 to rent and $15 to buy hand wraps, which are a requirement and they don’t lend them for hygiene reasons so be prepared to pony up. They have a lot of pricing options, so it’s worth getting the calculator out to see what’s your best value. First off, if you commit to Rumble more than 2x a week than it’s worth upgrading to a membership, with the annual being the cheapest in the long run. But if you’re only going to make it to 2x/week max – go class card route and the 20 one at that, since the 5 and 10 class cards are the same price per class. Kickboxing is only offered as a pre-registered 8 week program – same with Kids Boxing, so pricing is different.

  • Drop-in: $20
  • 5 Class Card: $90 ($18/class)
  • 10 Class Card: $180 ($18/class)
  • 20 Class Card: $320 ($16/class)
  • Earlybird Membership (unlimited mornings): $139
  • Monthly Membership: $199
  • 3 Month Membership: $489 ($163/month)
  • 6 Month Membership: $900 ($150/month)
  • 1 Year Membership: $1680 ($140/month)


They do a good job here. They’ve somehow managed to nail the incredibly friendly yet very hardcore ambiance which feels like it would be hard to do. When the studio is empty (like when they’re closed bc that’s the only time that happens) you’d be able to spot the details that help bring this place to life. Like the hand written manifestations on the black brick wall outside of the studio, their logo in a neon sign version (of course) or even just their wall of Rumble branded boxing gloves that would make even the most beginner boxer pull out their wallet (they’re BEAUTIFUL). But then you add the many many bodies that typically fill in every corner of the studio, you might miss the details. The flow of heavy traffic is pretty well managed though. The front entrance is open with a big retail boutique and large sign-in desk (where all shoes are dumped btw). In the centre of the “lobby” is the boxing ring for private training or pad classes which is not very private and usually full of people sitting on the edge. Continuing through the space is a hallway lined with programmable lockers with the single, dark, blue-lit, heavy bag studio behind them. Past the studio are the mens and womens change rooms which include all the amenities we’ve come to expect. K, one thing. They also have the giant posters of the instructors in the hallway to the change rooms which seems to be a trend with boxing studios in Alberta (Undrcard, Champs). Interesting. 

The Crowd

One of our favorite things about the crowd is they are LOYAL. When we were walking out and past their neighbour bar Trolley 5 Brewpub, we asked {just to each other} “so what do you like better, Undrcard or Rumble” and a group of people sitting at the pub shouted “RUMBLE!” So awesome. The truth is, the crowd was a refreshing mix. There were the token millennials that typically fill up these studios but there were also plenty of 30++ folk with varying degrees of fitness and an even split of male and females. All up, it made for a very approachable crowd. 


  • Showers and washrooms in both the mens and womens change rooms
  • Towel service
  • Programmable lockers
  • Hair dryers and complimentary bath and body products
  • Retail boutique with a ton of Rumble branded gear
  • Boxing gloves available to rent for $2
  • Hand wraps can be purchased for $15 (not borrowed)


Kealan Bailey

“Your biggest hurdle isn’t your opponent, it’s yourself”

Kealan, or otherwise known as “the lion” is a total boss. She’s a previous Muay Thai champion, a former competitive equestrian rider and one of the five founding trainers at Rumble, NBFD. Although she’s a fierce fighter with arms deserving of only wearing muscles shirts and vests, she is still incredibly approachable and nurturing. You can expect Kealan to challenge you and make it personal – not only with the tempo and difficulty of the class, but she’ll come around to every fighter and punch the other side of the bag and shout/speak directly to you, encouraging your inner Michael B Jordan to unfurl. Probably our fav thing about Kealan is she’s VERY rhythmic, which adds a whole element to the entire experience, with every combination and step set directly to her carefully curated playlist. She high fived everyone on their way out and as everyone dispersed to the change rooms and lockers, we heard from EVERYONE how good a class it was and how much they love Kealan. The people have spoken. Full fruits. 



We’re considering this one HARD but still giving it full fruits bc of the pace and the precision. We’ll explain. Considering this boxing class was the most similar to what we’ve done at Undrcard (i.e. heavy bag class with similar class structure) it’s our automatic comparison. But dissimilar to our class at Undrcard, this one was…slower and we kind of preferred that. Kealan set such a consistent pace to music that had such a digestible moderate beat that it gave everyone (i.e. all levels) time to master the combinations. The slower pace allowed us to get confidant, dig into finding strength, and punching with everything we had, rather than being distracted with getting the combinations and the footing right. The structure of the class began with a simple full body warm-up sans gloves that focused on mastering the “boxing bounce” footwork of a true boxer. We then suited up and focused on four key punches individually before pulling them together in different combinations; the jab, the cross, the hook, and the uppercut. The majority of the class after that was about the combo’s which often wove 5-6 punches together with a duck, or step back like you actually had an opponent and it forced you to stay light on your feet. Loved that. A few times we worked on speed jabs or uppercuts where you go as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds, and towards the end we had the opportunity to freestyle. We wound down with an ab series, using the bag as a our anchor under our feet and sitting up to hit the bag and then a final 2 minute stretch. In the end, we walked away feeling sweaty but powerful and like we haven’t hit that hard, maybe ever.

And because we loved our experience at Rumble so much, we have a special giveaway starting first thing Monday. Be sure to follow our instagram to find out how to enter!