Undrcard | boxing

Calgary & Toronto


Dudes and females alike who appreciate a fully serviced club vibe and classes that will legitimately kick your ass



  • Giant water bottle
  • Clean indoor shoes (barefoot is ok too, but they recommend shoes)
  • Hand wraps ($12-$15 to buy)
  • Boxing gloves (you can borrow for free)


Undrcard has it figured out. From the aesthetic, to the insanely difficult club-like classes, to the collaborations with local businesses – this boxing studio is an absolute freaking gem. 2019 is proving to be a very big year for them also, as they’ve expanded beyond their Calgary studio to open one in Toronto in June 2019, with another coming to Vancouver in the fall. The founders have put together a solid team of instructors, with more than half of them female, and all of them with years of competitive athletics under their belts. The spaces are modern and they’ve thought of everything you could want, including a separate gym and vegan friendly cafe in the Calgary studio. But probably the biggest thing that sets them apart is the style of their boxing classes. They’ve brought to boxing what spin classes brought to indoor cycling a few years ago – think boxing to the beat, focusing on a few key steps and moves to master, and put together to give you a v challenging, v fun, full-body workout.

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Undrcard Calgary: 349 10 Ave SW

Undrcard Toronto: 425 Adelaide Street West

Both locations are v well located in the downtown bellies of each city. In Calgary, they have cute little views of the Calgary Tower, just past the bridge from Gulf Canada Square and on the same strip as National on 10th and CRAFT. In Toronto, they’ve set up shop in what is quickly becoming the new wellness street, neighbouring up with Barre3, meditation studio Hoame, and gluten-free Impact Kitchen. Well played, Undrcard Realtor. 👏🏻


Undrcard offers Group Boxing, Pad Classes, Private Training and ‘Young Guns’ Kids & Teen Classes (Calgary only). The Group Boxing classes are their bread and butter though. Set in a dark room with numbered bags hanging from the ceiling, the classes are great for both beginners and experienced boxers alike as the format of the class makes it easy for first-timers to learn quickly, but difficult modifications for veterans are given (more on that below). Pad Classes are less frequent and usually once a week, and the Young Guns classes are a pre-registered program that run for ten weeks.

The class schedule’s are a bit different for each market. Calgary kicks-off at 6:15am during the work week with the last class at 6:30pm. In Toronto though, classes start between 5:30am and 7:15am, and the last class also at 6:30pm – will be interesting to see if they add a later class soon. The weekend schedule is leaner with classes finishing by about 12:20pm.

First timers tip – arrive 30 minutes before class to get your hands wrapped and properly prepped for class, showing up 10 minutes before might not leave you enough time. They’ll help you wrap but they’ve also done this sweet vid online or projected on the walls in Toronto if you want to master it yourself. 


Prices for Group Boxing and Pad Classes are higher than most boutique fitness classes in Calgary at $24 per class, and they’re even higher in Toronto. Yup, that’s right – this is one of the only coastal studios we’ve seen that offers different pricing in different markets. We get it, and $28/class in Toronto is more in line with the existing competition (i.e. Bolo Inc. at ~$27/class, Big Hit at $30-$18/class) but it still feels like a hit to see it #boxingpun. Also a bit of a downer, memberships and pass cards are not transferable between studios. The good news is, those prices include gloves, but not hand wraps so bring your own or you can purchase them for $12.00.

  • Drop-In: $24 (C), $28 (T)
  • First Timer 2 for 1 Class: $24 (C), $28 (T)
  • 5 Class Punch Card: $110 <$22/class> – Calgary only
  • 10 Class Punch Card: $199 <$20/class> (C), $230: <$23/class> (T)
  • 20 Class Punch Card: $349 <$17/class> (C), $420: <$21/class> (T)
  • Auto-Renew Membership: $189/month (C), $230/month (T)
  • Unlimited G.O.A.T. Pass: $300/month – Toronto only


They’ve done a good job here. They’ve successfully re-arranged our association of boxing studios with dingy, grimy boxing rings, to aesthetically pleasing, clean, all-inclusive clubs. In Calgary the studio is large (5,600 sq ft large), open, comes with a second floor gym for before and after use, a boxing ring, change rooms, lockers, the boxing studio, and a cafe equipped with wifi, strong coffee and dairy free/gluten free/all natural delicious snacks. NBD. The newest studio in Toronto is definitely less grandeur (since they’re also in the middle of downtown Toronto so it makes sense), with a retail section, open space in the front foyer to lounge, a boxing ring, lockers, the studio, and change rooms. With the exception of a projector in the lobby, there isn’t too much we haven’t seen, but that said, they’re ticking all of the quintessential boxes that boutique fitness studios require these days.

In terms of decor, the “fight club meets night club” vibe is strong, complete with neon signs, graphic mixed art, dim lights and concrete floors. The boxing studios are dark, with ~36 bags hanging from the ceiling and a major sound system. The low lighting provides the perfect amount of anonymity when sweating like a beast, which we were v grateful for.

The crowd is surprisingly cool. In Calgary they’ve done an incredible job acquiring loyal fighters beyond the expected boutique fitness crazed millennial. A lot of the crew are regulars and range from 20’s – 50+ with an even representation of gender. In Toronto, as they’re brand new, the fan following is obviously less dedicated, but with the help of acquiring some of Toronto’s best boxing instructors, and offering something new to Toronto’s boxing style, we have no doubt the membership sales will be plentiful.


group boxing W/ joanna ‘majik’

Holy yellow penguins these classes are Way Hard. And what’s more is they are v v fun. The biggest stand-out that you don’t really get from other boxing studios (maybe besides Rumble) is the intense focus and connection to the music. It’s very much like a modern-day spin class that encourages you to ride to the beat. Every punch is choreographed to the melody, which adds a touch of grace to the entire experience and helps you get back on track if you’ve lost your place.

In terms of what to expect, our class started off with boxing drills to warm up, which included side to side jumps, skipping, high knees on the spot, and shadow boxing without gloves. Once the sweat started to pour off us, we THEN strapped on our gloves and began the actual class. The format of the classes was broken into rounds and each round had a different focus. The first round was technique, we moved a bit slower to get the feel for the basic combinations; a jab, cross, hook sequence to ensure our form was correct. As we began to get comfortable the speed picked up and we added to the combination with more rapid jabs, ducking the bag, and more cross jabs. Round two was all about speed, with squats, burpees and pushups in between repetitive power rounds of upper cuts and straight jabs. We were working our full body at this point increasing both our aerobic and anaerobic capacity and we were feeling pretty freaking great – the energy was so high in the room and every. single. person was working their ass off. 

The third round was about mastering our combination, which by this point we felt like goddamn bosses cuz we had it locked. With about five minutes left, we dropped to the ground for an ab sequence with our toes locked under the bag and our sweaty gloves allowed to come off. We finished with a bit of full-body stretching. By the end, we could feel our ENTIRE BODY fatigued and, although exhausted, we felt sharper both physically and mentally. So, win. 

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