Bang Fitness is like no other gym in Toronto. They’ve been here long before the boutique fitness trend took hold, and based on their fiercely loyal members and unique service offering, they’ll be here for many moons after. They would never consider themselves a boutique gym though, of course. They’re too hardcore for that.

This full service membership gym is best known for creating programs that are custom-tailored to you. We’ve partnered with them to give you access to a 50% discount on month-to-month Hybrid Personal Training, which normally ranges from $499-$699/month. But not for you friends, not for you.

Unlike any other boutique gym or studio, BF will evaluate every potential client and have you come in for an assessment to see if it’s the right fit to work together. Contact them below to get started.

*See our review of Bang Fitness here for more information on the studio.