Pure Yoga Toronto is, hands down, our favorite hot yoga studio in Toronto. Located in Liberty Village, the class schedule is well suited for the working professional crowd, the classes are the perfect blend of lighthearted pleasure and grinding work, and the space is bright, fun and beaming with energy.

We are THRILLED to have Pure Yoga Toronto as part of our Perks Program, and what’s even more damn exciting is we’re offering a class package that is exclusive ONLY TO YOU.

By using the promo code FITCITY, you can sign up for their FIRST Annual Package for $1300 + HST.

Let’s break that down for you.

That’s less than $12.50 per class if you go 2x/week or $6.25 per class if you’re crazy inspiring and go 4x/week OR if you want to look at it another way, it’s only $25 PER WEEK! All to say, if you’re a Pure Yoga loyalist and are lucky enough to attend this studio on the reg, this is a sweet ass deal that can’t be found anywhere else. So get on it.

Sign up below!

Pure Yoga Annual Discount Pass

*See our review of Pure Yoga here for more information on the studio.