UNDRCARD is an EXPERIENCE. They are the first boxing studios in Canada to bring luxury and accessibility to a boxing corner that was previously known for being exclusive, hardcore, and probably kinda gross. 

Having first started in Calgary, UNDRCARD blew previous assumptions out of the water with full service facilities and classes that bring an element of choreography to boxing. The workout is a transformative, full-body experience driven by music where you box-to-the-beat while developing technical boxing skills. It’s appealing and approachable to literally EVERYONE, plus its gawddamn fun and really, really hard – in the best possible way. 

UNDRCARD has just opened their second location in Canada, in Toronto’s downtown entertainment district. We are BESIDE ourselves to have them join the Perks Program which is applicable in both locations! See below for exclusive access to discounts for 10 and 20 class packs.

No restrictions. Any time. As many times.

*See our review of Undrcard here for more information on the studio.