Barre Body Studio is easily one of our favourite Calgary studios so we are honoured to have them be part of the Perks Program. They offer full body, well-rounded, heart pumping, booty toning barre and mat-based cardio classes with effective modifications for ALL fitness levels.

BBS guarantees results in 8 classes or less. Tough Love is their mantra and sweating profusely is inevitable. Commit to yourself and they’ll push you to your maximum potential, hold you accountable to your goals and high five you with a smile on your way out the door. Their instructors will deliver serious results as you sweat through structured movement patterns and energizing cardio sequences – zero dance experience needed, promise. They are not cliquey, sceney, or too cool. 

YOU are welcome there.

And now you can try Your First Month at BBS for only $58 + GST!! This introductory offers an amazing option to try 30-days of unlimited barre at both of their Calgary studios at an extra special price, because you is smart, you is kind, and you is extra special. Use promo code FITCITYBBS for access to this exclusive Fit-City discount.

Happy sweating!!

*See our review of Barre Body Studio here for more information on the studio.