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Water bottle, runners, and hand wraps ($7-$14 to purchase)


The Community Gym is the newest boutique studio in Winnipeg this year, having first opened their doors in May 2019. They call themselves a “one stop group fitness shop” and that’s exactly our experience and the best thing to know about them. The Community gives truth to their tagline by offering a variety of different classes, all of which target different needs, interests and abilities; Crush (boxing), Calm (yoga), Cycle (spin) and Camp (bootcamp). They take pride in their inclusivity and intimate atmosphere, and their ability to make you SWEAT no matter which class you’re in is what will have you coming back for more.

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468 Main St, Winnipeg, MB

The Community is a hop, skip and a jump from the historic Portage and Main intersection in the heart of The Exchange District in Winnipeg’s downtown. With 31 bus routes and bike racks scattered throughout the downtown core and plenty of parking within a 2-10 minute radius (both paid and free options depending on the time), we’d easily consider this one of the most accessible studios in Winnipeg. The *only* complaint is that traffic downtown is SO. DAMN. UNPREDICTABLE. Sometimes you might arrive 45 minutes early and other times you’re rushing into class with seconds to spare even though you left your house at the same time. Winnipeggers know this and (try to) account for it in their travels downtown, but as a general rule: don’t trust the ETA on Google Maps when driving in The Peg.

The Exchange District in Winnipeg is known for it’s amazing food and beverage scene; perfect for foodies looking to combat post-class hunger pains. We’re talkin’ sushi burritos, mouth-watering sandwiches, donuts to DIE for, local brews on tap, etc…The Community shares an entrance with Parlour Coffee, so they’ve got you’re caffeine fix covered. 🙏🏼


The class schedule is just as dynamic as their 4 class styles. The weekday schedule consists of 2-3 morning classes (starting as early as 6am), a noon class and 3-5 evening classes (until 8pm). The types of classes rotate throughout the time slots as well which we love. For example, if you want to do 6am classes all week, you’ll have a good mix of each discipline they have to offer. Weekend classes start at 8am and run hourly until noon, although sometimes the schedule varies if events are going on. Most classes run for 45 minutes unless it’s a combo class which are an hour (ex. CRUSH / / CAMP or CAMP / / CYCLE).

It’s best to register for classes online and bookings can be made up to a week in advance through Mindbody. You don’t have the option to choose your bike, bag, mat, etc., so if that’s important to you, we recommend getting there early as it’s first come, first serve once the doors open. Lastly, because The Community is such a new gym, they currently don’t offer multiple classes running simultaneously on their schedule. The owner, Amie, shared with us some of their plans to increase the sound-proofing between rooms, etc. that will allow them to run concurrent classes in the future. So stay tuned!

Class Passers 👎🏼

The Community is NOT on ClassPass.


It’s difficult to compare membership prices at The Community to other studios around the city because of the variety of classes offered under the same membership. There’s a few studios in Winnipeg that have different combinations of bootcamp/spin/yoga/TRX type classes, but most of these studios have a main focus and add in supplementary classes (ex. a yoga studio offering spin or TRX classes a few times a week in addition). The Community is unique in the sense that all four disciplines are their main focus. So with that in mind, we decided to compare prices within each discipline…

…We found that, on average, prices are slightly higher when it came to boxing studios. They’re on par with spin studios, and slightly higher for yoga. Bootcamp prices varied too much to make an accurate comparison. So all that said, The Community’s drop-in price is on par or a bit higher for comparable classes in Winnipeg. Now – there’s a lot included AND a lot of pricing options that bring down the prices substantially. See full pricing options below.

All class prices also include all equipment for each class (clip-in shoes for spin, gloves for boxing, mats for yoga). Lockers and locks, complimentary products and amenities like moisturizer, straighteners, blow dryers, etc. are also available in the changerooms. Towel service is also included in your price and MAN do they ever offer a good selection of towels (it’s the small things, ok?!). We were given a sweat towel during class, shower towels in the changeroom AND the lovely staff met us post-class with a cool, essential oil infused towel to refresh. Towels. 👍🏻

Overall, the slightly higher prices are worth it if you like studio/boutique type fitness and variety in your workouts. It probably works out to be cheaper in the end anyway because you’re only paying for ONE membership per month, vs having multiple memberships and payments at different studios and not always making the most of them!

  • Drop-in Class – $20
  • 5 Class Pass – $95 ($19 per class)
  • 10 Class Pass – $175 ($17.50 per class)
  • 20 Class Pass – $315 ($15.75 per class)
  • 2x Week (auto renew) – $105/month
  • 3x Week (auto renew) – $135/month
  • Unlimited (auto renew) – $150/month
  • 1 Month Unlimited – $165
  • 3 Months Unlimited – $445
  • Annual Membership – $1,450


The second you walk through the doors of The Community you feel at home. The people – whether it be employees or members – are warm and excited to see you and the set-up of the studio is incredibly strategic and well thought out, serving you up details you didn’t even know you needed. (Like the ability to write your name on your locker, hooks under the counter to hold blowdryers making it clean and convenient).

Apart from the class itself, this attention to detail and Amie’s ability to literally climb into the heads of their customers, is the biggest thing that stood out to me about what makes The Community what it is. The common areas of the studio are bright, the decor is simple, and the place is spotless. There’s a mini retail boutique (mostly filled with local brand, MPG) a lobby and unisex changerooms. It’s easy, they have everything you need, and the energy is good good.

The Crowd

Because of their stellar location and variety of classes, The Community attracts everyone. Young and old, men and women, moms and dads, and all fitness levels and abilities. There’s no “cliquey” feeling and there’s almost always one or two new people in a class – a pattern that we expect will continue as this gym grows.



Ok, so, Crush: totally badass, and sweaty as hell with not a lot of downtime to catch your breath. That said, it can also be classified as one of those “as hard as you make it” type classes. (Like if you went a little too hard on Saturday night and need to sweat it out slowly, this is a great class for you… but also if you’re pissed at your ex *cough*cough* and need to release that anger, it’s perfect for that too 😂).

Like we mentioned earlier, there’s no assigned “seating” at The Community so when you’re walking into the room, all the bags will be hanging and you can choose which one you’d like. The instructor uses the middle bag directly in front of the mirror, so we’d recommend setting up in that area of the room if you want to see yourself and the instructor clearly to watch for technique and timing. That said, there’s really not a bad spot in the house.

The lights go down and the class will start with a basic warm-up off the bag; things like jumping jacks, high knees, shoulder mobility, etc. From there, the instructor will lead you through the basic punches in boxing: jab, cross, left hook, right hook, left upper, and right upper. Olivia was extremely thorough and communicated the basic technique super well, so as long as you’re paying attention and following along, you should be able to pick up the basics to get you through the next 45 minutes. From there, the instructor will lead a variety of combos whilst boxing TO. THE. BEAT!

The combos on the bag get introduced slowly, and as the songs progress, the pace increases and the combos are built on. There’s also intermittent body weight work off the bags (planks, squats, jump squats, push-ups, etc.). Crush is truly a full body workout, presented at a manageable pace while still challenging you to step outside of your comfort zone. I’ve fought before (I legitimately have a fight card and boxing record LOL) and really enjoy boxing training but I would say that I like Crush better. Obviously if you’re training for a legitimate fight you will require more in depth training than a Crush class, but if you are looking to get involved in the recreational side of boxing (yet still intense AF) , this is the perfect class for you. This class has been thoughtfully developed and executed and we will definitely be back for MORE! 

And that’s that! Click here to visit The Community Gym for yourself and book in for a class!



Ali is a small town girl living out her dreams of living in the city. As a former competitive cheerleader, fitness and movement are ingrained in her DNA. When she’s not working her sales and marketing job, you can find her on the spin bike, thrifting for new clothes, trying new food and drink with friends or cuddled up on the couch in sweats, watching sports highlights from the day.