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Let me start by saying, I’m not a mom. And because I’m not, I don’t know what it feels like to have my body go through such significant changes and then attempt to do fitness things. So when we met Fit Your Life, Edmonton’s first studio dedicated to prenatal and postpartum fitness, I knew we had to do this review a bit differently. I took a step back and we brought in the experts, MOMS. We put the call on social media for two Edmonton mammas to help us properly depict how these classes felt in their bodies. We are so happy to introduce Karly, our prenatal mama who was 23 weeks along, and Jeannette, our postnatal mama who came to class with both of her kids, Bryce & Raymond, her youngest (Raymond) only 7 weeks old! We took two classes to get a sense of the differences between the prenatal and postnatal journey, so below we take a deeper dive into All About Balance (postnatal) and Prenatal Fit.

Overall, though, Fit Your Life impressed both our moms and myself because of the hyper specialised care, the small class sizes, that children of ALL AGES can come to daytime classes, and the fact that they’re the most affordable fitness studio we’ve ever been to in Edmonton. Major. And for me on the sidelines, it was absolutely incredible to witness the power of a room full of multi-tasking superheros in a touchingly supportive studio that’s making it easy for moms to take care of themselves too.

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6563 Gateway Blvd NW, Edm
Pine Integrated Health Centre: 6720 104 St NW, Suite 201

FYL’s main location is south of Whyte Ave off of Calgary Trail. It’s in a bit of an industrial looking complex – which made me question if I was in the right place – but that’s all part of the charm and it’s one of the last storefronts in the block. There’s a decent amount of parking in front of the studio plus overflow parking nearby. Side note – be cautious of parking in front of reserved spots or large garage doors so you don’t get boxed in. #speakingfromexperience

They have a second location that a handful of All About Balance and Fit Barre classes run out of. It’s close to the main location and hosts about 7-8 classes a week.  Overall I’d suggest driving to both, bus routes are possible but could add an additional 45 minutes to your trek. (Classes at the second location will be noted on the schedule with an @p)


They offer a number of signature classes in pre and postnatal fitness, pre-registered classes, and workshops and seminars. What sets them apart is that in both pre-registered classes and the signature groups classes, they provide individualised attention to the specific needs of each mom, as each woman is at a different stage of her fitness journey and they want to ensure their providing the safest and most effective workout possible. Class sizes are small, capped at 10-12 moms, in order to provide that individualised care.

Some of their signature fitness classes include Fit Barre, Mom & Me Fit, Family Fit, Mom Life (30 minute HIT class) FYL Blast, Prenatal Fit and All About Balance (the two classes we checked out). They also have a selection of pre and postnatal yoga classes, with focused modifications for healing pelvic floor and core (note – Mom & Baby Yoga is meant for babies 8 weeks to crawling). One of our mamas highly recommended their Family Fit class. It not only gives mamas a chance to work out with their minis, but opens the door for their partners to participate in the workout for free as well! #familybondinggoals. I also love their seasonal class Stroller Fit, an outdoor cardio-based class that incorporates toning as they make stops along the beautiful River Valley trail – keep an eye out in the spring for dates!

Most classes run in the mornings and after the workday finishes with a small smattering of classes available during the day. Weekend classes are concentrated in the morning and early afternoon. Their website does an excellent job of breaking down the style of movement in each class in addition to detailing the recommended timelines for you to safely attend classes depending on how far along you are. Clearance by a trained health care professional, such as a pelvic health physiotherapist is needed for some classes.

One of the most important things about what makes Fit Your Life so damn wonderful is that littles of all ages are welcome to all daytime classes. From what I am told, this is a game changer as most postnatal fitness classes require the babes to be pre-crawling. Alternatively, evening classes are reserved for mamas to take time for themselves and enjoy an uninterrupted workout. Most classes run for 45 minutes to an hour, and with an average cap of 10-12 participants in each class, it’s ideal to register beforehand to secure your spot.


Fit Your Life offers drop-in classes for $17, which is super affordable for YEG (similar studios for yoga or HIIT are ~$20) and besides requiring yoga mats for yoga classes, all other equipment is provided for all classes. They have pricing options in punch cards, memberships, pre-registered classes, and workshops. The punch cards are incredible value, with 5, 10 and 20 increments and the 20 punch card at $200 means each class is only $10. Memberships make sense if you plan on going to class more than 3x/week.

The most unique and fabulous thing we’ve ever seen is that Fit Your Life has an @Term Initiative – which means you can attend up to two classes per week (any style of class) from the day you are 37 weeks along until the day your baby arrives…FOR FREE. It can be so difficult to commit to paying for classes when you don’t know in those final days how your going to feel and when you’re going into labour. That is SUCH an incredible way to support mothers in those final few weeks and shows how Fit Your List truly puts their money where their mouth is. See all pricing below, and here for pre-registered classes.

Punch passes (passes are valid for twelve months from purchase)

  • 5  classes – $75
  • 10 classes – $130
  • 20 classes – $250

Unlimited Passes

  • One month – $140
  • One year – $1400
Class Passers 👍🏻

Fit Your Life DOES accept ClassPass!

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Although small, Fit Your Life is mighty, welcoming, bright and friendly. There’s a bit of a charming chaos that occurs at the studio (which I think is very symbolic of life with kids, yes?!) with the bustling of mums and littles in every corner, workout gear strewn about the studio, and a number of well-thought out parent amenities. The single studio and washroom is on the second floor, but there’s a small lounge to the side of the staircase that helps regulate the flow of traffic and can be used to get ready, wait for class and is also comfortable and private enough to breast-feed.

On the top floor is a single private unisex washroom with a changing table and extra kidlet supplies. Since there’s only the one washroom, we suggest coming ready to sweat so you aren’t waiting for the washroom to change. The studio space itself is incredibly inviting and full of light. With west-facing windows, lots of mirrors and vibrant pops of colourful equipment.

The Crowd

With the help of our two moms, we took two classes All About Balance and Prenatal Fit. Like I mentioned earlier, what’s so unique about Fit Your Life is the littles don’t just have to be pre-crawling, so our All About Balance Class, which was the postnatal class, had a variety of ages of kids from 1+ months old to 4 years. The result was a lot of toys, a bit of chaos, and a lot of multitasking moms and instructors. The Prenatal Fit class had expecting mammas from first trimester to 9 months along, and all stages are welcome. The instructors will be incredibly diligent about helping you modify each exercise for your stage of pregnancy. Because Fit Your Life is all about getting connected with your body before and after the life changing event of having a baby, it really doesn’t matter your previous experience with fitness or your level of fitness at another time in your life. It’s about listening to your body for where you’re at NOW. Most moms we met were around 25-35, and the instructors were incredibly welcoming to newcomers, thoroughly introducing them to the studio and what to expect in the class. During the class, there was nothing but support and high fives all around. The encouragement from everyone in the room will make newbies feel welcome and returning attendees feel encouraged to come back for more! 



Prenatal Fit is tailored for the ever-changing pregnant body. The exercises help prepare for birth, assist in postpartum recovery, and improve psychological health. From my perspective, this class is most similar to a low impact HITT class with elements of weights, and cardio. Class started with an upbeat warm-up to get everyone in the room awake and energized. The bulk of the class was centered around a 3 station circuit that Jamie had set up before the class began. The movements ranged from lunges to squats with an exercise ball to upper body weight training to give each person a full-body workout. Our prenatal mama, Karly, was a cardio queen and long-distance runner before her pregnancy. She enjoyed coming to FYL because she wanted to stay active in her pregnancy even if it wasn’t the same style of working out she was used to. Karly found Jamie’s teaching easy to follow and empowering to herself to what her body could do that day. The reminders given by the instructors helped Karly connect with her breath and focus on her pelvic floor to build strength and work out safely during each movement. 

Each Prenatal Fit class ends with a cool down and a talkback with the instructor, touching on pregnancy, fitness, and childbirth. The class we attended had a thorough discussion about finding a proper sports bra for pre and post-pregnancy. Who doesn’t love a little education with your work out?! Make sure you leave a little time at the end of class for the talkback and to ask any questions you may have. Jamie was killer at answering anything thrown her way and made everyone in the room feel like they were in good hands! 


All About Balance is a class dedicated to focusing on using the core through breath, connection, balance, and alignment slowing things down so that you feel each movement and find a deeper connection. The class went through a series of movements both standing and on the floor with mats provided. Tension bands and hand weights were worked into a lot of the movements to add levels of difficulty and focused on particular muscle groups to help rebuild and repair after birth. With little ones of all ages in attendance, the room was filled with focused mamas, laughter and sometimes a little chaos. Moms were free to start and stop the series of exercises as needed to check on their little ones or even breastfeed if needed. FYL’s fearless leader and the class instructor, Kellie, was the definition of a multitasker master as she effortlessly taught class, gave corrections, and took fussy babies off of mom’s hands so they could get in a fulfilling workout. 

Our postnatal mama, Jeanette, was an active gym go-er before her pregnancy, and because of that, the exercises were not necessarily difficult to follow but at times challenged her with movements around maintaining core and balance after her pregnancy. This wasn’t a class that necessarily made her break a sweat but instead helped her focus on gaining muscle strength. We give this class two thumbs up for mamas looking to back into the fitness scene but don’t want to push themselves too hard just yet!

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Sydney is an Edmonton based dancer, instructor and Social Media Manager for Fit-City Guide. When she isn’t in the dance studio strutting her stuff, you can catch her onstage in her alternate glittery persona, Scarlett Von Bomb. She enjoys pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, and is determined to make fitness accessible for everybody and every body.