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Metta Yoga Edmonton is, quite easily, the best yoga studio I’ve been to in Edmonton. I took the Flow class at the second south location (we’d previously been to the Edmonton West studio) and the class, and Christina‘s teaching, was truly the most challenging, impressive, and enjoyable hot yoga classes I’ve ever been to. And I’m not a huge hot yoga fan so that says A LOT. I’ll get into why later, but the coles notes: She gave more modifications for each pose than I’ve ever seen, making the class a wonderful mix of relaxed enough to do your own thing but inspiring enough to try something new.

The studio offers hot yoga exclusively (besides prenatal and teen classes) and the weekend schedule, in particular, stands out because they have classes running all day and even into the evenings, which is hard to find. The studio itself is zen, open-concept, and has plenty of amenities like showers and lockers, but it’s really the community vibe and connectedness that makes this studio so great.

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EDMONTON WEST: 14927 – 111 Ave, Edmonton, AB
EDMONTON SOUTH: 3751 99 St, Edmonton, AB

Originally located on the corner of 149th St. and 111th Ave. in West Edmonton, Metta Yoga Edmonton’s OG studio, although accessible on the axis of two major roads, is still a bit out of the way for most people. This isn’t a studio you’ll stumble upon walking down the street, since it’s across from an industrial park and there isn’t much in the area. On the plus side though, there’s ample free parking, and a number of bus lines go right by the studio.

Their recent expansion to south Edmonton though, allows more people access to this wonderful brand. Being a short drive for our friends living just outside city limits (this ones for you, Leduc!) and it’s a clear winner for the downtown worker bees. Route 70 busses run every half hour along 99th street, so getting there on public transport is decent but requires some planning, and being in a shopping complex, there’s plenty of parking. Overall, great locations and happy to see the addition to the south!


All classes are hot (besides prenatal and teen classes) and they have five types of classes to choose from; Metta, Flow, Power Flow, Yin and Yang/Yin . All classes are designed to be suitable for all levels but Flow and Power Flow are probably the most challenging, sometimes requiring yogis to hold 40+ poses throughout the practice. The Metta class is their most popular, and the Yin and Yang/Yin classes slow it down and focus on holding positions for a while and using breath to stabilize movements. The non-hot classes are Mette Minis (how adorable) which are yoga classes designed for mini’s aged 4-7 and 8-13 available at the south side location, and Prenatal yoga which, of course, Is open to all stages of pregnancy. Metta also hosts different workshops every few months, like the next Roll’n With Clare on March 21st that will focus on getting into the depths of myofascial release using tune up balls.

In terms of class times, they’ve built out the schedule quite well, accommodating early risers, the lunch crowd, after work and EVEN weekend yogis (it’s hard to find studios that offer yoga classes after midday on the weekends). Classes start as early as 6:00am Monday-Friday, and run until 9:00pm with 7-9 classes everyday, so there’s plenty to choose from. Saturday classes start at 8:00am and run until 6:30pm at both locations and on Sunday classes joyously begin at 12:00pm running until 6:30pm.


The drop-in rate is on par with most Edmonton studios at $20 before tax. The best value is the 20 Class Pass, which works out to $14/class before tax, and the monthly or annual memberships are worth it if attending 2-3x/week. It’s ideal to sign-up online beforehand to reserve a spot, and show up 15 minutes before class to get settled and accustomed to the heat. On Fridays, Metta holds a by-donation Karma Class with a $5 minimum donation (which goes to local charities) and passes aren’t used. Metta Minis classes are $12 for drop-in, and mats and towels can be rented for $5.00 total ($2 for a mat, $3 for a towel).

  • Drop-in: $20
  • 5 Class Pass: $90 ($18/class)
  • 10 Class Pass: $160 ($16/class)
  • 20 Class Pass: $280 ($14/class)
  • 1 Month Unlimited Membership: $150
  • 1 Year Unlimited: $1300
  • Intro Offer $50 for 1 Month
Class Passers 👍🏻

Metta Yoga Edmonton DOES accept ClassPass.

vibe 🍍

The biggest biggest thing about Metta’s vibe, is community. They’re friendly, welcoming, and non-intimidating even though they’re a hot yoga studio and one might assume that comes with experienced yogis. There are a lot of regulars, but also a huge range of experience levels, a healthy representation of men, and a strong mix of ages from teens – 60+. They take the practice of their yogis very seriously, and talking is highly discouraged in the practice rooms. That said, the change rooms and lobby are full of chatter, probably more than I’ve seen in a studio in Edmonton. The contrast was cool and intriguing and felt v work hard, play hard. The music tends to be quiet and subdued and generally doesn’t start until after the first flow, which lends itself to the silent practice that Metta strives for.  

The Edmonton West studio is the smaller location with one single practice room, mens and womens change rooms, and the lobby/reception. The change rooms offer a TON of space to clean up from a sweaty practice and we appreciate it. Both men’s and women’s change rooms include showers, bathrooms, lockers, and basic toiletries including locally made natural deodorant, elastics, Q-Tips, etc.

The South location is larger with two practice rooms, and a bit more open concept. You can sign-in for class on the i-pads at the front desk (also at Edmonton West) and there’s a tea station, retail selection and chill space in the lobby. The small practice room holds 25-30 people and the larger studio holds up to 60. The change rooms are pretty open concept with showers, bathrooms, and a number of small programmable lockers – but they go quick and aren’t v big, so be prepared to leave your bags in the open change room. They also provide feminine products, hair ties and hair dryers. The practice rooms are simply beautiful, with big lantern lights on dimmers and windows to outside. The vibe walking into class oozes chill, and I felt welcome, calm and connected to the studio.



This is a very common class for hot yoga, and typically includes fluidly connecting each pose to the next in a full 60-minute hot sweaty dancey, “flow”. That’s exactly what this was.

The class moved along at a quick pace starting with micro movements to wake up the body and connect our breath to our core. We then moved into familiar yogi sequences; downward dog, side twists and worrier poses. My favourite things about this class though, was Christina. She’s a very verbal teacher, as she spent 90% of the class walking the room giving adjustments, only getting into the poses herself towards the end, and she did an incredible job clearly explaining each pose. In most cases this would cause beginners to follow everyone else in the class, BUT Christina gave 2-3 variations on every pose, allowing everyone to tailor each pose to their practice and focus on her instruction. She was also complimenting everyone in the room for holding a pose correctly at all different levels. LOVE that. As the class continued, poses got more challenging and pushed us to focus on our breath all the way to our last savasana. As we laid on our backs Christina ended the class by saying “breathe, the earth has got your back” … I walked out feeling a little more calm, and a lot more grounded.

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Happy Sweating!




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