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Sculpt Spice Review


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This summer, a new platform emerged that caught our eye because they’re doing something unique and they’re doing it because there was a great, deep need for a separate stand-alone system to support instructors.

Meet Sculpt Spice. Born in New York but enjoyed online, Sculpt Spice is a start-up, digital platform that rounds-up independent fitness instructors and showcases their workout classes on one central hub. It’s a membership based platform offering on-demand Pilates, yoga, meditation, barre, and interval strength training that pays a global roster of instructors based on content views. With contributors from Thailand, Singapore, Toronto, London, UK and more – Sculpt Spice is solving some key pain points for the industry and those working out at home.

1 – it’s ONE hub

It provides one central place where people can sample a range of fitness instructor’s (“contributors”) and types of workouts. As a user, it can be intense to navigate the hugely saturated digital space as most studios and individual instructors flocking to IG Live, Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube, and many versions of their own on-demand platforms when we had to lock it down. Being on one platform that’s not bias or partial to one fitness studio is a great way for users to sample the menu.


This is a big big big win. This has been a tough time for everyone, and especially so for individual instructors. Pre-pandemic the typical yoga instructor often taught at multiple studios to keep the lights on. When studios had to shut their doors because COVID came and killed 2020, a lot of studios had to let go of staff and run a lean-team. Clearly, this contributed to the flood of new fitness content online, as many instructors that wouldn’t have previously considered their own platforms, had to react and think about how they could get a piece of the online pie and make some dough (too many metaphors, I’ll stop).

Fast forward to today, where many studios are opening up across the world, and while many of those instructors are being re-hired, it’s still a slow process. Class schedules are still leaner than they were before, therefore overall there’s still less demand for these amazing instructors that we all love and need dearly.

Sculpt Spice saw this problem right away and tried to find a way to pay instructors similar to the advertising model on YouTube; pay them based on content views. Genius! So instructors that have recorded classes from their other efforts to get online and build their brands, can kick them over to Sculpt Spice and make money for work they’re already doing (as they’re non exclusive btw). Instructors also don’t have to do any of the technical details, as SS looks after all of that and maintenance. So they don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting (✔️) they can earn rev share (✔️) and they receive a referral fee for any new members they bring to the platform (✔️). Bing, bang, boom.

3 – They’re giving back

Let’s be real, we’ve all been holding our pennies a little tighter in this time. Sure our expenses have been slashed, but so have many peoples’ jobs and job security. So an area that naturally gets hit when economies collapse: charities. Sculpt Spice dug their heels in, and has committed to giving back 10% of all proceeds to charitable causes and philanthropic organisations. LOVE.

“The business model is designed to symbiotically support and grow small businesses in the wellness industry.”

Digital Journal
Maddy Cassidy Pilates

A few other technical details to share: videos on the platform are a combination of vertical orientation (IGLive – for better viewing on phones) and horizontal (for desktop or mirroring to your TV). Enjoy a 7-day free trial, or sign-up for $19.99USD/month or $215USD/year.

To sum up this Sculpt Spice review, guys – check ’em out. One of our absolute favorite Toronto instructors, Maddy Cassidy Pilates is on Sculpt Spice and we are SO pumped about that.

Visit to join or to apply to become a Contributor.

Happy Sweating everyone!




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