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Forget everything you know about fitness.
Forget everything you know about Pilates.

Founded by Maddy Cassidy, a certified pilates instructor out of Toronto, DIME Pilates blossomed during Covid 19 lock-downs because of the need for a body positive fitness space where EVERYONE feels welcome. Taught by some of Canada’s best trainers, all workouts stick to the basic Pilates principles, while each instructor brings their own flair. Instructors are supported directly through video views, so the more you watch, the more you directly support your instructors. And we’re ALL about that in these times.

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Each workout is music driven and paired with a Spotify playlist to inspire and maximize your workout. But before we get to the class we took, we’ll highlight DIMES core values, because they’re pretty awesome.

Dime prides themselves on FIVE core values:


Their music driven classes are meant to drive and inspire you and make you feel like your really truly immersed in the class. *Optional* tailor made playlists for each workout are provided to motivate you to get the most fulfilling workout possible.


DIME stand for everybody and every body. Inclusion is woven through the company and is reflected in the instructors and the levels at which they teach.
From beginners to experts, DIME is for ALL fitness levels.


Movement should be a treat to yourself and a celebration of what your body CAN do. DIME wants to counter balance the harmful language we often use towards ourselves and transform it into body appreciation and self love. LOVE this.


Their work is not just about strong muscles. But strong minds, bodies and souls. Whether you can give yourself 15 minutes or 60, they want to set you off on the right foot to be able to take on the world.


They got your back. Fitness can not only be daunting to start, but sometimes impossible to stick too. DIME wants you to feel supported and inspired as they act as your instructors AND cheerleaders.

The Class

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The set up of the website is easy to use, with the link for the recommended playlist in the caption of the video. Each video has a timer at the top of the screen to help push you towards your goals (and helped me keep track of my reps!). Out of their exceptional library of videos, I took two classes.

☀️I started my morning with “10 min Balance with Maddy” ☀️

First of all – love that this is an option. The short and quickies like this are realistic for me to do on mornings I’m strapped for time or, frankly, not into it. So I love that this 10 min balance is part of their mini burn series, with each video clocking in under 20 min.

This class focused on smaller movements to help protect the small muscles that connect to the major muscles. Maddy carefully walked though what areas should be engaged from the toes to the top of the spine, which made all her movements super easy to understand. Through the class, Maddy would call out her own ‘wobbles’ and highlighted which side of hers was weaker, which was most reassuring part because it not only lined up with how I was feeling, but pushed me for each rep.

My playlist of two instrumental songs were not at all what I was expecting for a balance class. Its rhythmic tones motivated me to focus on the micro movements and matching my breathing to the tempo. The songs perfectly ended at the videos sign off and completely kicked my day off on the right (balanced) foot!

🦩 I ended my day with “30 min Beginner Pilates W/ Faren” 🦩

This class focused on strengthening your core, improving posture, increasing flexibility & stabilizing mobility. I LOVED this class for realigning my body after standing all day and Faren was the perfect teacher to guide me through class. Her calm and descriptive deliveries of exercises allowed for my mind to also decompress through the class. Her guidance felt focused on the inner workings of the body and connecting the core and breath. By the end of the day i truly felt like I had treated myself to the movement, and couldn’t wait for tomorrow to do it again.

This playlist was a VIBE. And pretty much everything I want when I expect a ‘curated playlist’. Made up of songs and artists I had never heard of before and yet instantly got my blood PUMPIN’. From hip hop jazz to electronic to pop francophone this choice of music perfectly matched the flow of the workout and had me #feellikeadime.

“Let’s fall in love with the process, and chase the feeling, not the result.”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

DIME’s passes are broken down into two simple payments of monthly and annually.

$17.99 monthly (plus a 7-day free trial) gives you access to all workouts and corresponding playlists. Their annual plan of $170/year is their best valued pass making each month $14.99!

Starting October 30th, DIME will be launching a 30 day challenge that includes live zoom workouts 5 days a week for 4 weeks. (So get on it, girl!)

Dime’s foundation is what I look for when seeking a studio. Their core values not only line up with mine but also motivate me to want to work out from home, which many times hasn’t been easy! This concept makes me excited to experience each instructors style and the music they select. BRB as I go scrolling for my next workout! – S

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Sydney is an Edmonton based dancer, instructor and Social Media Manager for Fit-City Guide. When she isn’t in the dance studio strutting her stuff, you can catch her onstage in her alternate glittery persona, Scarlett Von Bomb. She enjoys pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, and is determined to make fitness accessible for everybody and every body.