Leelapod Review


a digital device, your yoga mat and (depending on the class) yoga balls, blankets, blocks, a strap…

We know that for a studio/instructor to stand out online right now they have to be doing something different. Or special, or innovative, or just SO good that everyone around them is talking about them. We know there’s just SO many options to WOFH right now and, at this point in 2020, most people have their go-to yoga/pilates/barre/hiit/boxing studio or instructor. So to pry loyalists to try a new studio or instructor can be really really hard now.

But we’ve found one that’s worth sampling. We’ve found a studio that the people who know, know, and won’t stop talking about it. A new digital yoga collective that deserves your undivided attention.

Leelapod is one of the few platforms that got their START in this year. Not their pivot to digital, but their actual birth place is right in the middle of the pandemic. They’re the collaboration of some very experienced teachers and creators: Nicky Poole,  YuMee Chung and David Choy.  Nicky and YuMee are  lifelong students of yoga, as well as veteran yoga teachers who have been building and running studios, and training yoga teachers for almost 40 years between them.  Before joining Leelapod, David had a busy career in tech, specializing in UX and systems design for blue chip companies.  He is particularly interested in the intersection between mindfulness and design.  So, simply, they know what they’re doing. This is good quality yoga built with a beautifully designed tech platform.

Nicky & YuMee stepped away from their ownership in Toronto’s Octopus Yoga Garden early in the pandemic and found themselves searching for what their loyal and dedicated communities future needs might be in yoga, mindfulness, and movement. They partnered with David and thought through not just the next year, but even beyond to what the next phase of this mind/body work would need to look like. They recognized where the yoga community failed marginalised communities, and they recognised that they played a role in shaping and now re-shaping how the next wave of yoga would step up.

Their most crucial and committed purpose is to actively hold safer, more inclusive and more accessible spaces by embodying anti-racism, anti-ageism, and fat-, trans-, and queer-positivity.

Leelapod offers inspired, heartfelt classes from the homes of the teachers, unfettered by studio schedules, culture, and overheads. They have elements much like many other digital yoga platforms with a livestream component, and a video-on-demand library with 5 new classes uploaded every week. What makes them stand out in though is that the livestream classes are always pay-what-you-can and directly support their local teachers.

Another unique and very cool thing leelapod is offering behind the scenes is a yoga tech consulting service. They’re allowing small studios who can’t figure out the tech side of good quality and seamless live-stream platforms, to come on board with leelapod. They build them a virtual studio, design the page for them, the scheduling, the stripe payments, the quick books, everything – so the studio can continue to run it under their own brand. Obviously for the bigger studios, and the ones run by millennials and younger peeps, they can quickly pivot to the online space and such a service isn’t needed, but there are a lot of really beautiful, loyal yoga communities that are rooted in studios run by 60 and 70 year old teachers that can fall away in this digital space. Leelapod’s got them. 🌸 If you’re interested in this kind of service – reach out to them directly here.

The ClassES

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The leelapod class offering is where they really start to stand out from the pack.

☀️Not only do you get experienced & high quality yoga education but the class lengths, themes & newness are exactly what you want ☀️

Also, their directory is spot on. The on-demand library starts with new classes added that week, then goes into WFH lunch break (often shorter classes under 45 min), and then classes in the category “be still my nervous system”, “the goldilocks zone” & “challenge accepted” for a harder push. You can search classes by energy level (“mellow, relaxing, yummy” to “upbeat, dynamic, sweaty”) by teacher, or by class length (the shortest being under 30 minutes and the longest being 70 minutes). They just seem to be VERY tuned in to what we all need right now and they have everyone covered from prenatal yoga to sleepy time yoga. Oh also, classes come with Spotify playlists to play alongside.

Our top recommendations:

David’s Rest Nest: Water Rolling Over Stones – for the deepest and most wonderful cozy blanket cuddle

Nicky’s the 45: Hip & Happy – accessible, the perfect amount of challenging work.

YuMee’s Knead & Nurture: Face Value class – literally a class where YuMee teaches you how to massage yourself. Actual pure bliss.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

There are currently three ways to subscribe to leelapod. Monthly Subscription, Annual Subscription, and pay-what-you-can livestream classes.


7 day free trial, subscription auto-renews, cancel anytime


7 day free trial, subscription auto-renews, cancel anytime

Starting THIS WEEK though they have an incredible Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion for their annual Video on demand Subscription. They’re offering a discount of $110 from $360/year to $250/year for four days only.  This promotion runs from Thursday 26th November midnight EST to Monday 30 November EST.  There’s no coupon required, all will be set up, ready to go on their website.

*** NEW*** Leelapod is adding complimentary livestream yoga access from Dec 1 – 31 for all Leelapod Annual Video on Demand Subscribers.  It’s a lovely little sweetener for December, designed to help foster community and connection amidst the challenges of further lockdowns and seasonal blahs.  

We truly truly hope you give Leelapod a sample. It was the highlight of my day for the 5 days that I squeezed in classes and they gave me a refreshing break from the madness, a centered reminder that I needed, and new face massage techniques that I’ve legitimately added into my stressy off-video meetings. This is a yoga collective that’s worth being a part of and you’ll feel the experience, the heart, and the connection even from your screen no matter where you are in the world.



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