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Fit-City Guide reviews Raise The Barre - the TO founded and female driven barre duo determined to form a community of like-minded women. 


– Yoga Mat
– 1-3lb Dumbbells
– Resistance band
– Running Shoes or grippy socks

IDK about you, but lately I’ve been needing a little girl power. We put our feelers out for a little homegrown magic, and landed on two beautiful Canadian gals who’ve created a space just for people like moi.
Raise The Barre was formed with the goal to create a community of strong, like-minded women, who are always looking to challenge themselves. Their ever-changing workouts incorporate music to motivate you and take your mind off everyday stressors and propel you on a path of success.

Sign. Me. Up.

Connected by the corporate world, Sarah and Stass bonded over their passion for fitness.
They’re dedicated to lighting a fire under the butts of their female confidants and in the matter of a 60 minute class, I felt like I went from strangers to BFF’s. Filled with positive reinforcement, giggles and matching outfits.

These beauties have major brains. Backed by degrees in Electrical Engineering and Business (NBD), Sarah and Stass use that knowledge to create calculated workouts that help you reach your goals, gain confidence, and foster new friendships.

Class Styles

All workouts are barre-centric and use light (but optional) equipment,
Here’s a little break down of each:

Cardio Barre
– RTB’s OG workout
– 1hr musically driven sweaty dance party
– Focuses on cardio & strength intervals (4-5 sets)
– LIIT options always suggested

Strength Barre
– Most traditional type of barre class
– Focuses of isometric holds & pulsing your life away
– Incorporates 2-4 sets of cardio to raise heart rate

Sweat & Sculpt
– This 50/50 hour long workout is built to sustain you all day
– First half focuses on maintaining an elevated heart rate, starting with cardio
– Second half is focused on strength to propel your body to burn calories after your workout is over

Express Strength
– Express classes clock in at 30 minutes
– Each week class styles alternate between upper body or lower body focus
– Plus a quick cardio & strength blast to leave you a little sore the next day

The Class

In the age of at-home workouts, my ability to focus on a workout is limited. I’ve been pretty reliant on express 20 minute classes, so when I committed to Raise the Barre’s 60 minute Strength Barre class, I worried I bit off more than I could chew. Turns out, I stuck the whole thing out with the help & active support from Stass and Sarah.

The first half of the class was led by the gorgeous Stass. She eased us into the movement by working with our body weight and giggled off her jittery feelings after one too many coffees. BIG mood. Her instruction kept me super present and in the movement. Simple additions like a heel raise in a downward dog, engaged my smaller sleeping muscles and really amplified my workout.

And then… we did shoulders. And this was K I L L E R. Stass’s arm sets were mental brain twisters that kept me giggling and moving!
I can proudly admit I couldn’t keep up with these gals, but that didn’t make me want to quit! Their ability to coach our movement & stay invested was beyond impressive.

At one point Stass called me out by name and asked if I was truly engaging my whole back….

* I was not *

And I absolutely love that she knew that.
These two kept it so real. Every correction was always filled with so much care for your personal gain; I couldn’t help but listen to everyone’s corrections and want to apply them to my own practice.

The second half of the workout was led by the fabulous Sarah.

Her poignant and direct movements tested my balance and calf strength. While her was delivery was sweet when she said it was only a couple sets, I should have known this was gonna be a total leg & ab blaster.

An alternative name to this class could be “Pulse it real good” bc my legs were permanently in a plié. Believe them when they say, they bring the F I R E.

The class finished off with an ab burner that targeted your lower mid section while strengthening your lower back. After this class, to put it nicely, I was a human noodle. But one of the happiest and inspired noodles out there.

Two things that stood out to me about this workout (1) the use of asymmetrical sets and (2) LIIT options. What I mean by asymmetrical sets was that what we did on the right wasn’t immediately repeated on the left. Each set was broken up by a “middle” section before even-ing out the workout on the other side. That alone kept my brain invested and connected to the intention behind my movement.

And the second thing that stood out to me, each cardio exercise was paired with a LIIT alternative. As an apartment dweller, I find myself seeking workouts that are a little lighter on my feet and this totally delivered.


New clients try a class for FREE!

Class packs are broken into 3 categories:
5 Class pack – $40
10 Class pack – $75
*Monthly Challenge – $65/month

*monthly challenges include three 1-hour long classes and one 30-minutes Strength Class each week. Challengers gain access to both the live workouts and recorded classes all month long; making it easy to fit into your personal schedule.

And that’s THAT! I hope you join these fiercely strong beauties out, I freaking LOVED the class and their incredibly sweet, warm, but sneaky hard nature.

Look out for their spring/summer outdoor pop-up classes at select venues around Toronto! And try a class now for free!! Or check out their class packs click HERE !




Sydney is an Edmonton based dancer, instructor and Social Media Manager for Fit-City Guide. When she isn’t in the dance studio strutting her stuff, you can catch her onstage in her alternate glittery persona, Scarlett Von Bomb. She enjoys pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, and is determined to make fitness accessible for everybody and every body.