Ballet For Everybody

Ever wanted to be a ballerina, or dust off those pointe shoes from when you were 15?! Well, tights up and get ready to learn from a pro dancer as Fit-City Guide reviews Ballet For Everybody - A ballet instructor who's mission is to create a body positive & inclusive space that lets your artistry and technique flourish. 

Kat Grace, aka @balletforeverybody, is just that. The perfect dance haven for every body. Kat’s created a series of classes, rooted in Ballet technique that flourish in open and progressive movement. Her community is accessible to anyone – as you’re met with kindness and warmth right out of the gate. This body neutral/accepting environment welcomes fitness and dance levels of any level while remaining true to the beauty and grace ballet training brings.

And she gives back too. In her first month of publicly available classes, Kat donated 100% of public class payments to Red Canary Song, benefiting Asian and Migrant Sex Workers, and Kat continues to fundraise via her Ballet for Babes class donations.

↓ Keep reading for my full breakdown of the classes Kat offers, the pricing (including a free class on us!!), class schedule and my experience of the sensual Ballet for Babes class. ↓

More About Kat

Kat herself has over a decade of professional experience in dance & movement. Her range of knowledge encompasses ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, modern, and contemporary. She’s performed with Ballet Bellevue as a soloist, Coriolis Dance as a core member for five years, and has continued to pass down her countless years of knowledge to the next up-and-coming generation of dancers.

Class Styles

Beginning Ballet

In this class students are challenged, yet feel safe to ask questions, and get a ton of personal attention, corrections, and encouragement. You’ll be focusing on artistry and movement quality from the very beginning, **something hard to find in many beginner dance classes**. Kat’s breakdown of movements are thorough and intuitive giving you a rich class experience that will propel you to artistic breakthroughs! (1hr 20 min)

Ballet for Babes

A class rooted in ballet but explores the sensual side. This style provides a place to enjoy movement and our bodies in the ballet tradition without the ballet expectations and rigidity. This class brings in movements like body rolls, head whips and the exploration of touch, to engage your body and mind differently than your typical ballet class. (1hr 20 min)

Floor Barre

Accessible to all via IG LIVE and IGTV, this class focuses on conditioning, strengthening and stretching. With just a yoga mat and some floor space, you will engage your whole body while focusing and improving your technique. BONUS** peep @@balletforeverybody‘s IGTV to try one of these classes anytime for free.

Beginning Pas de Deux

One of Kat’s most recommended classes is BACK!! This gender neutral partner class held over Zoom is perfect for the couples (or pals) stuck in quarantine. (Minor ballet knowledge recommended for the ‘femme’ dancer role!) Give yourself the chance to escape May 16th, 11 AM PST. Register via Eventbrite!

Private Classes

If you’re looking for feedback on specific goals, Kat’s there to help. Offering both 1hr private lessons & private lesson packages, each class is tailored to your body and fitness goals. You’ll grow closer, gain knowledge, and build more skill & technique.

The Class


– Chair with a back, or kitchen counter to use as a ‘barre’
– Ballet slippers or socks

In addition to being a devoted dance instructor, she moonlights as a burlesque performer (similar to myself) so her dedication to art, creating space for others, while holding true to the beauty and technique of classical ballet, makes my artsy heart swoon. 💕

I’ve experienced many multi-disciplinary teachers/artists create fusion classes before, but the concept of Ballet for Babes peaked my interest. Fusing a structured style like Ballet with the artistic, often improvisational style of sensual movement is not as common, so I dusted off my rusty 10 years of ballet training and went in with an open mind.

Split into two sections, the first 2/3’s of class focused on warming up and ‘at the barre’, and the 1/3 section of the class focused on a choreography section.
For the first part of class, I highly recommend using something waist height around your home as your barre. A chair, counter top, or stool would all work just fine to give you a little help with balance + aid.
(Please, learn from my mistakes 🙃)

Once we warmed up and stretched, we started at the ‘barre’ with some classic ballet exercises. Plié’s, dégagé’s, rond de jambe’s and grande battements were all included with their own spin. While leveraging our “transfer-of-weights,” we were allowed to explore our arm movements by adding our artistic flair. At first I resisted breaking the classic ballet structure, but then once I did, I felt so much more freedom in my movement. Even in the exercises that I really felt lost in, Kat was there to help give tips, advice and answer any question the class had.

Give yourself permission to impress yourself today

– Kat Grace

After being pleasantly surprised by how well Ballet pairs with sensual movement, we moved onto a piece of choreography that had started in the class the week prior. Kat’s instructions were lighthearted, fun and allowed for us to play with the choreography with zero consequences. What I thought was going to be a very structured class ended up being an opportunity for me to comfortably move in my body + work up a sweat.

Class Schedule

Tuesday 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST – Adult Beginning Ballet

Tuesday 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST – Floor Barre

Saturday 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST – Ballet For Babes


Drop- In Classes

Try your first class FREE with code: FITCITYFREE

Beginning Ballet & Ballet for Babes
$12/ class

Private Lesson
$100/ per hr

Packages & Subscriptions

Ballet for Babes Tuition Bases Classes
$42/ per month
(Saving you $4-$16 /mo when you subscribe)

Beginning Ballet Tuition Bases Classes
$42/ per month
(Saving you $4-$16 /mo when you subscribe)

Private Lesson Package
$500 – 6 wk private lesson package
(Package gets you one private FREE)
*psssst. Pro rates for professional dancers of any genre, just DM or email

Kat’s done a fantastic job fusing two opposing worlds – classical training and modern movement – in a way that creates a space for you to work every group of muscles without even thinking about it. If you’re a beginner or even just interested in Ballet, this is the place to start!!




Sydney is an Edmonton based dancer, instructor and Social Media Manager for Fit-City Guide. When she isn’t in the dance studio strutting her stuff, you can catch her onstage in her alternate glittery persona, Scarlett Von Bomb. She’s passionate about body positivity, self care and is determined to make fitness accessible for everybody and every body.