Pure Barre, YYC Review

Pure Barre Mission Review

Well guess what Calgary?! THE largest Barre brand (for a reason) has just landed on your steps, and after the shitstorm that was this last 1.5 years – you’ll wanna grab your barre socks and get your ass to this class.

The studio space at 1812 4th Street SW in Calgary’s wonderful Mission, has recently undergone a bright and cheerful transformation, and we’re so here for it.

While business after business, especially in the fitness industry, struggled this last year, one shiny light emerged in the summer of 2020. The largest Barre franchise in North America, emerged from the proverbial COVID ashes and Calgary’s very first Pure Barre Studio opened! With a fresh look and feel, new faces, and a renewed spirit, Pure Barre Mission has come out of the pandemic READY to welcome us home and back to in-studio classes.


Pure Barre was originally founded in 2001 by dancer Carrie Rezabek Dorr, just outside of metro-Detroit, really before the hybrid fitness movement started. At the time fitness was only offered in big box gyms and people weren’t really seeing results. So, Carrie started a combination of dance and group fitness (her background) for a few clients. Without the initial intention of turning it into a franchise, as she was focused on developing the technique and everything that went along with it, the intensity grew heavy around her as more and more people approached Carrie to expand across the States. Fast forward to today, Pure Barre is now the largest barre-centric fitness chain in North America with 517 locations (~ bc pandemic). Prior to this expansion to Calgary, there were only 3 Canadian locations in Vancouver and Toronto.


Pure Barre has maintained its foothold as the leader in Barre for a reason. It’s HIGHLY rooted in technique. **Pureists** (see what I did there) really respect this brand and that stems from their programming and teacher training….

The Teacher Training

Pure Barre teacher training is a 100 hr certification process that includes an initial 4 day, 35 hour in-person training with a Master Teacher Trainer (normally in-person with trainings offered in different regions across North America but pandemic times have transitioned to mainly virtual trainings).

The training covers everything from anatomy and physiology to musicality and cueing, and they emphasize providing safe and effective hands on corrections and modifications. Teachers must complete post-training workshops, practice sessions, and pass a Test Out Video graded by the training facility.

Every moment in a Pure Barre class is meticulously created for safety and effectiveness; thigh sprints are a certain length because it takes that exact amount of time to fatigue these muscles, positions are setup in a specific sequence to ensure proper form and to keep the heart rate in your working zone while transitioning between exercises, etc. Plus, every Pure Barre class (no matter the class type) is a full body workout that ensures muscular balance. Because the Pure Barre program is so well curated, teachers go through an extensive training process and come out with a wealth of knowledge in multiple areas. 


Pure Barre features four group class formats that deliver an effective total body barre workout focused on low-impact, high-intensity movements that lift and tone muscles and improve strength, agility and flexibility for every body.

They have a FREE Foundations Class (which is the perfect introduction to the program, technique, and class formatting), The Classic (which is their fastest, most effective full-body barre workout), Pure Empower (which is a combo of Cardio + Barre + HIIT), and their 4th signature class: Pure Reform (which uses resistance, strength, and sliders).

Preview of the Pure Reform Class

Calgary’s First Pure Barre Location

So why Calgary, why now?! We, of course, visited the new location, met the owner and the General Manager and we’re smitten over both of them. Here’s a bit more about what we learned in our time with them!

What made you open a Pure Barre in YYC, and now of all times?”

I saw an opportunity to bring Pure Barre to Calgary after the city saw so many fitness studio closures over COVID.  In studio fitness is more important now than ever.  We truly need to focus on our health and rebuilding our sense of community and friendships that come along with that.  We’re so excited to have Pure Barre be part of that.

Danielle Kot – Four Club Pilates + Pure Barre Owner

“Tell me more about moving to Calgary to be the GM of Pure Barre Mission!”

Well, I’m originally from Denver, Colorado! I was a gymnast and dancer growing up, and when I took my first Pure Barre class in 2012 I was instantly hooked. I’d finally found a workout that, not only was insanely challenging (who knew 2lbs could be so heavy?!), but also gentle on the joints and unbelievably fun. In 2015 I auditioned to become an instructor at a new Pure Barre studio opening just outside of Denver, I began teaching in Feb 2016 and haven’t looked back since.

Then I moved around with my husband while he was playing minor league hockey and I got the opportunity to teach at 7+ Pure Barre locations across the US. Being able to move to new places and instantly be welcomed into the local Pure Barre community made new places feel more like home. When Sam retired from hockey in 2018 we decided to settle down in his home town of Calgary, AB but I was shook to not have a PB to be a part of!

Then I met Danielle when interviewing for a position at one of her Club Pilates locations and we instantly bonded over our desire to make group fitness more inclusive and accessible to all. When Danielle called me in early 2021 with the news that she’d decided to bring Pure Barre to Calgary and wanted me along for the journey, it truly was a dream come true. Being able to be a part of bringing Pure Barre to Calgary is so incredibly special for me, I can’t find the words to fully explain how much it means.

Jessie Brittain – General Manger, Pure Barre Mission

I mean, how freaking cute is she?!?

The studio has one giant barre studio, lockers, a full service change-room with showers and all products and air dryers etc. provided, and an alcove retail space that houses the local athletic apparel brand: bäre activewear (which is also available at all 4 Club Pilates locations in Calgary.)


Next week (September 7th-12th) is Pure Barre Mission’s Grand Opening Celebration and there are a TON of perks and things to look into! There will be a full week of specialty classes, daily giveaways, exciting raffles, special promos, & MORE! Their Grand Open schedule is LIVE and classes are filling up fast, so reserve your spots today!

WHEN: Sept 7-12

DAILY GIVEAWAYS: They’ve partnered with amazing local businesses to provide free giveaways & raffle prizes DAILY during their Grand Open Week!

SPECIALTY CLASSES: Breaking Down the Barre, Intensives, Tuck & Glow.

*All specialty classes are FREE to members. Non-members can purchase a drop-in to attend specialty classes

SCHEDULE HIGHLIGHTS: Full schedule available on their website – specialty classes & daily themes listed below



First time? Take their first Foundations intro class for FREE

Ready to join? Redeem their Grand Opening Membership special here

Want to take a specialty class? Purchase a single class drop-in here *free to members

We are SOO excited that Pure Barre is opening in Calgary, now of all times. We all need it!! Please please support these beauties, get your butt into class, and contribute to the contagious energy that’s oozing from this studio. We’ve all missed and deeply need this kind of energy. So let’s sweat together, let’s support each-other, and let’s have a damn great time doing it!




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