Fit-City Guide is a platform to navigate the incredibly saturated fitness class scene.

With so many different types of fitness studios out there, it can be difficult to try them all, get a sense for what they’re like, or know if they have classes you’d be into. Fit-City Guide offers an unbiased, informative review so you know what to expect. We’re here to save you’re time, you’re money, and conserve you’re energy to connect you to the best classes and studios that are right for you.

When reviewing each class, we consider the same five components:

Location | Class Schedule + Price | Vibe | Team + Instructor | Level of Difficulty

Each component has the opportunity to score a full pineapple. Yes, we rate using pineapples. Why? Because stars are so 1995 and pineapples are awesome. They are the happiest fruit, they represent hospitality and friendship, and they remind us of the beach. And we love the beach.


So what does a top rated, 5 pineapple class look like? Check it.


They key to earning full fruits for location is that the studio needs to be accessible for ALL modes of transportation. We’ll consider public transportation, walking, riding a bike, the parking situation, and we’ll suss out the neighborhood and scope out if cute shops and wine bars are nearby, bc that matters.

Class Schedule + Price

We look at the frequency of the class schedule, the variety of classes offered, and the price tag. Earning a full pineapple isn’t easy here. We’ll consider if classes are being held at convenient times for anybody’s schedule; whether they’re working from home or working 9-5. We’ll layout the price list and compare to the rest of the industry to determine if the prices are reasonable and there’s great value for money. For example, if a drop-in spin class is more than a yoga class but towel service and spin shoes are included, we’re ok with that. We’ll also consider the variety of classes, workshops or events that are offered. Insider tip – we like studios that give back. We tend to make it rain with pineapples when we see studios that donate the proceeds to their favorite charity, or hold special events for a great cause. We heart that part.


Here we consider the space and layout of the studio, the amenities offered, the design aesthetic and the crowd. We’ll evaluate the flow of the space, meaning if there’s a traffic jam after class that forces us to bump uglies with our sweaty neighbor that might not be our favorite experience. We’ll note the little extra’s, like providing mints and hair ties; #bless the hair ties by the way, and we’ll wear our interior decorating hat and suss out the design aesthetic. Trust us, we’ll notice those mini succulents beside the rose gold faucet, and we’ll be like YASSS! We’ll also check out the size of the class and our fellow fitness friends to give you a snapshot of the type of crowd we’re sweating with.

Team & Instructor

As we all know, instructors can make or break a class, and if they make our fitness class we’ll be loyal 4lyfe. In this section we’ll tell you everything we know about the team at a studio, and focus on the instructor’s style, playlist, energy and how they make us feel. That last part is soft, but it actually matters.

Level of Difficulty

Every class will be given a ‘level of difficulty’ as per below, but note that just because a class is Way Hard doesn’t necessarily mean that will earn a full pineapple, and the reverse;

Way Hard | Hard | Middle of the Roadsies | Chill | Hella Chill

We’ll consider the class write-up and evaluate if the level of difficulty of a class was what we were expecting. For example, we won’t rate a restorative yoga class Way Hard, it’ll hopefully be Hella Chill, but it can still earn a full pineapple. We go to classes with friends that have varying levels of fitness, and we ask others in the class about their experience to ensure we’re providing a well rounded perspective. We break down the flow of a class and explain the exercises, areas of the body that are worked, and maybe an update on our soarness levels after class.

Check out the studios we’ve reviewed and give them a try!