Fit-City Guide is a platform for you to navigate the incredibly saturated group fitness scene. We provide unbiased, informative write-ups of studios and classes in your city so you know what to expect. Our mission is to connect everyday people to boutique fitness studios that are right for them. We’re like fitness matchmakers.

We’re here to save you time, money, and conserve you’re energy so you can go straight to the studios and the communities that resonate the most with you.

Where to Sweat in the City

We are proudly Canadian and focusing on the great north before venturing to other wonderful lands. We currently have the most studio representation in Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton and we’re coming soon to Winnipeg! If we’re not yet in your city, sign up for e-mail notifications to here about when we do!

We always compare pineapples to pineapples

No matter how different the studios are or what category they’re’ in, we’ll always consider the same five components:

The Location | The Schedule | The Price | The Vibe | The Class

We’ll always attend AT LEAST one class ourselves to give you the truest report, and we’ll interview fellow class goers so we cover the experience from hardcore athletes to beginners. The Class could range from being “chill” to “way hard” in terms of level of difficulty and that’s ok. We’re not only seeking out the hardest workouts, we’re also looking for the best Restorative Yoga classes, Barre classes that won’t make us sweat, and Pilates classes that focus on form before heart-rate.