XTherapy is a newcomer to the Edmonton fitness scene, and it’s kinda what we've waited for. This clean, bright, modern studio draws you in and their cross-training strategy (spin, HIIT, and yoga) keeps you coming back. What stood out to us the most though, is the vibe that ooozes from the instructors and staff. They consider everyone who walks through the doors as ‘Warriors’, and they take on a sudo-therapist/cheerleader role, constantly dishing out positive talk and motivational speeches. We're dishing out full fruits for this one - here's why.

The best workouts in Honolulu

To Tone Up or To Coppertone Up – 3 Ways to Sweat in Honolulu

To tone up or coppertone up, the ultimate question while on vaca. Whatever you choose, we've got your back with snapshots of three of Honolulu's best fitness studios, ranked them in order of difficulty.

Mile Zero, YEG | 3.5

This charming studio in the heart of Edmonton's Little Italy is full of chaotic character. We tried our hands at a contact dance class, which was a definite first and though it didn’t leave us gasping for breath, it absolutely fulfilled its purpose in connecting mind to body and forcing us to take time to understand how they work in partnership and to the world around us. Also, there was a HUGE test in trusting others - strangers nonetheless - which was a lil' life reminder unto itself.

Dance Code, YEG | 4

This is one of the most talked about and visited dance studios in Edmonton. With a wide range of drop-in classes, a plethora of dance styles, and a vibe that oozes inclusiveness, it's easy to understand why. S tried the Burlesque Boom class which is basically a bootcamp style cardio class with elements of sexy burlesque woven in, and she also snuck in a lil' sample of the Beginner Heels class which is exactly what it sounds like - a dance class in heels - nuff said. Check out why they earned 4 pineapples and lost a few halfers, what the what a Burlesque Boom dance class consists of, and to find out S's industry tips on how to choose the right heels to dance in.