The Blog

Yes, yes, you may be thinking “isn’t this a blog”? To us, we are reviewers first and foremost. We have a set criteria for which we evaluate boutique fitness studios and we always follow that same formula and look at each studio one by one to help you know where to sweat. We’re critics that have become lil’ experts in this niche category to know what boutique fitness studios need to thrive and it’s always about that; it’s rarely about our super personal journey’s or what we have for breakfast.

That said,  we wanted to create a space for us to still play in the world of boutique fitness but have fun with looking at it from a different angle. We want to talk about trends in the industry, tell you some of our personal favorites, and incorporate things like our must studios in LA (it’s coming – get ready). We also want to work with some incredible guest writers that can bring a certain flare, unique perspective, and creditability to the table.

And so, welcome to the Fit-City Guide Blog.