Metta Yoga, YEG | 4.5

When we first went to Metta Yoga, it was a Moksha Yoga location. After our trip to review Moksha, we have gone back So. Many. Times. Mostly bc they’re conveniently located for me, they're on Fitset, and because we just really like it there. Metta holds a special place in this FC crony’s heart, as it’s the first place I've ever practiced yoga – I’m talking ever. Metta has been open in Edmonton under the Moksha brand for over ten years, and has shared firsts with many of the community. You’ll find a v interesting mixture of serious practice and a jovial community. The team is always pleasant and inviting, and the sweaty yoga practice is challenging, fun, and accessible for anyone. I've had great experiences under both brands, and whether you’re new to yoga or a professional yogi, it’s most definitely worth checking out. 

Shala Ashtanga Yoga Centre, YEG | 4.5

Shala Ashtanga Yoga Centre is the first review we've ever done of a traditional Ashtanga yoga studio and a Mysore style class at that (where students practice independently at their own pace). And know this - as soon as we knew we were doing a Mysore style we were like...uhhhhhh. Even though I've been practising for over 15 years and Sydney and I go to a squillion yoga classes, we were still very intimidated. BUT - turns out there's no need to fret. We'll explain why going to a Mysore class as a beginner to Ashtanga might actually be the greatest thing ever and why this hidden sanctuary in the middle of downtown Edmonton is one of the greatest places to learn.

Yoga Tree, YYZ | 5

With the enormous schedule, membership flexibility, and a massive roster of some of the most influential and popular yoga instructors in the city, this yoga brand is a must visit that we'll visit again and again.

XTherapy, YEG | 5

XTherapy is a newcomer to the Edmonton fitness scene, and it’s kinda what we've waited for. This clean, bright, modern studio draws you in and their cross-training strategy (spin, HIIT, and yoga) keeps you coming back. What stood out to us the most though, is the vibe that ooozes from the instructors and staff. They consider everyone who walks through the doors as ‘Warriors’, and they take on a sudo-therapist/cheerleader role, constantly dishing out positive talk and motivational speeches. We're dishing out full fruits for this one - here's why.

Octopus Garden Yoga Centre Review

Octopus Garden, YYZ | 4.5

Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre is the type of yoga studios that focuses more on their community than, say, growing their presence on instagram - that's not the type of thing they care about. This giant studio in Toronto's west end has one of the most diverse yoga schedules we've seen and a cutting edge co-designed meditation space that's worth getting into meditation to try it. There's a true sense of calmness resonating through this studio and we walked away feeling like we should talk a little slower, say hi to a stranger, and look up at the sky instead of down at our phones. Om to that. 

Pure Yoga, YYZ | 5

Pure Yoga first caught our eye with their very cool, very inclusive company ethos. They want to share their passion for yoga with every body, shape, size, age, and status; employed, or between jobs, student, or retiree, single or divorcee, mother, father, grandparent – you get the idea. LOVE that. The space itself is premium and vibrant, and the hot yoga classes were challenging and actually FUN - which is not usually the first adjective I'd use to describe a yoga class.

Pilates Class Reviews

Pop Physique, YYZ | 5

Pop Physique hails from the capital city of beautiful bodies (LA) and you can tell they know what they're doing. This luxe, femme fatal, flawlessly marketed barre studio, expanded across the States quickly after first opening in LA, and finally up to Canada where they opened in Toronto's midtown last year. We're reviewing two classes, Pop Yoga and their signature Pop Physique, which is a ballet-barre based workout heavily focused on 'tucking', 'pulsing' and 'scooping' to hone in on very precise muscles. This class is less aerobic than some other Barre classes we've taken like as Barre3 or Barre Body Studio, but if you follow instructions, keep your form in check and challenge yourself, you'll feel the burn the next day in teeny tiny muscles you didn't even know you have.

Hot Yoga on Crowfoot Review

Hot Yoga (Crowfoot), YYC | 4

We were pretty stoked about trying this little nugget because they're a) the same company/owners as One Cycle and we LOVE us some One Cycle, and b) when I used to live in Calgary, Hot Yoga on 17th (their second location) was my freaking home BASE! I went all the damn time, like four times a week minimum, had a hand in my falling in love with yoga a million years ago, and we probs wouldn't have Fit-City without it. And THEN we found out that Hot Yoga on Crowfoot exists and I figured - sure let's venture outside the downtown core and see what it looks like. This location is busy yet zen, and feels like it's been there forever. Our class was literally the EXACT same class that I took ten years ago and it was predictably hot, sweaty, and felt freaking fabulous. 

HotShop Calgary Review

HotShop, YYC | 4.5

HotShop, as the name suggested, specialises in the hot stuff - hot yoga and a bit of spin to be precise. This three studio brand has been around since 2013 and has the loyal fan following only a studio in biz for five years can drum up. We tried one of their most popular classes; Hot Hips at the Victoria Park studio, which is the only studio that keeps things strictly focused on the hot stuff. The class was juicy, fluid and, of-course, sweaty as hell and we left feeling particularly elated after spending an hour getting into the nitty gritty of our hip joints.

889 Community Yoga Studio Review

889, YYZ | 4.5

889 Community is a beautiful, calming and approachable studio in the heart of Rosedale that offers Pilates, yoga, meditation and mama and babe classes. Set in an 1800's Victorian home, the space is toxic free, full of essential oils, and oozes chillness. Namaste.