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Metta Yoga, YEG | 4.5

When we first went to Metta Yoga, it was a Moksha Yoga location. After our trip to review Moksha, we have gone back So. Many. Times. Mostly bc they’re conveniently located for me, they're on Fitset, and because we just really like it there. Metta holds a special place in this FC crony’s heart, as it’s the first place I've ever practiced yoga – I’m talking ever. Metta has been open in Edmonton under the Moksha brand for over ten years, and has shared firsts with many of the community. You’ll find a v interesting mixture of serious practice and a jovial community. The team is always pleasant and inviting, and the sweaty yoga practice is challenging, fun, and accessible for anyone. I've had great experiences under both brands, and whether you’re new to yoga or a professional yogi, it’s most definitely worth checking out. 

Shala Ashtanga Yoga Centre, YEG | 4.5

Shala Ashtanga Yoga Centre is the first review we've ever done of a traditional Ashtanga yoga studio and a Mysore style class at that (where students practice independently at their own pace). And know this - as soon as we knew we were doing a Mysore style we were like...uhhhhhh. Even though I've been practising for over 15 years and Sydney and I go to a squillion yoga classes, we were still very intimidated. BUT - turns out there's no need to fret. We'll explain why going to a Mysore class as a beginner to Ashtanga might actually be the greatest thing ever and why this hidden sanctuary in the middle of downtown Edmonton is one of the greatest places to learn.

Mindset Brain Gym Review

Mindset Brain Gym, YYZ | 4.5

MINDSET Brain Gym is one of Toronto's newest types of gym, one that focuses solely on the brain. Even though meditation and mindfulness studios are having a major moment, the concept they've brought to life is like nothing else in the city with state-of-the-art meditation rooms and the latest meditation technology set in a modern and futuristic environment. They've created a still space in a nonstop city, giving people an opportunity to focus on mental fitness instead of just physical fitness.

Hive Fit Co. Review

Hive Fit Co, YEG | 5

Legs. Core. Arms. Arms. Core. Legs. That's the death mantra we experienced in Edmonton's only rowing studio that sufficiently kicked our ass and converted us into rowing fanatics. And then, cuz we loved it so much and heard they added a class called Intensity, we had to go back and get our ass handed to us again but in the form of this strength training class. These guys don't mess around with a tough workout and the studios beautiful design aesthetic makes it all hurt a little bit less.

Rumble Boxing Studio review

Rumble Boxing, YYC | 5

Rumble Boxing in Calgary is one of the new age, next gen boxing studios that we're seeing now. Gone are the days of the dirty, hardcore boxing clubs that may give you tendinitis and a black eye - enter the boutique boxing studio that opens the underground boxing ring up to the masses. Rumble does it well by still owning a level of hardcore with a killer workout, but serving it up in a pretty package with covetable boxing gloves, amenities galore, and in a beautiful setting. Rumble is creating a space where anyone can lace up their proverbial boxing boots and learn how to throw a right hook/undercut/cross jab combo in a well-paced, club-like, safe environment - and not have to worry about their neibs ruining their face for their Tinder date. Winning. 

sustainable workout clothing

Why You Should Go Natural

As the owner of a small company that creates athleisure collections made from organic, sustainable and recycled materials, Laura Berg is passionate about spreading awareness of fashionable and functional activewear that is made ethically and sustainably. In this blog post, she explains how we can get our sweat on in style and be comfortable from studios to coffee meetings, but not at the expense of people or our planet.

Propel Performance Institute Review

Propel Fitness, YEG | 3.5

Propel is a multi-functional athletic hub for all ages, set in what looks like a hanger offering a TON of services like personal training, group classes, postnatal fitness, and sport specific programs. We tried the group Threshold class which teaches the fundamental compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, while mixing in cardio conditioning. This was my first workout after six weeks off from a bone fracture in my leg, so I went in extremely nervous and feeling incredibly un-fit. Fast forward an hour and I felt surprisingly good because I'd had what felt like a personal training session with a trainer that was incredibly knowledgeable and careful about rehabbing my injury. This is not your typical gym or boutique studio at all but they're doing something right and it's the only sweat session we've had where the whole family can come. 

Studio Lagree, YYZ | 4.5

Studio Lagree is, like, a big deal. Any fitness studio regular has heard of or (more likely) been to and subsequently become obsessed with, Lagree. The workout is a hybrid of HITT and pilates, with the entire class done on an oversized megareformer pilates machine. Despite the fact this is a Pilates studio, the vibe is hardcore and the sweat is real. The class focuses on toning and lengthening your muscles to build a lean physique and don't be surprised that, even with the lack of cardio and high intensity, how tough that road is. The class killed us, and there's no doubt you'll feel a burn you didn't think Pilates could dish up. 

Yoga Tree, YYZ | 5

With the enormous schedule, membership flexibility, and a massive roster of some of the most influential and popular yoga instructors in the city, this yoga brand is a must visit that we'll visit again and again.

Where the Locals Sweat in LA

We all know Los Angeles is THE leader in setting health and fitness trends, and we all know the City of Angels has an endless selection of boutique fitness studios to choose from - and they're all amazing. But this week guest writer and founder of Nourish Sweat Soul Laura Berg, wades past the most popular and tells us where the locals really go to sweat it out.