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Scoria is a local Toronto brand, founded and crowdfunded in 2017 on Kickstarter. They design playful and unique, vegan cork yoga products that are just as much about function as they are eco-conscious. At Scoria, they believe that reconnecting with lost creativity as if we were children again enhances mental and physical well-being, therefore all of their … Continue reading

Nourish Sweat Soul (NSS) is an athleisure conscious lifestyle and yoga brand made of organic and recycled materials. They design versatile closet staples specifically for active women on the go, who are living empowered and passionate lives.  We got behind NSS right away after hearing what they stand for - sustainability. Sustainable fashion is needed more than ever. With the … Continue reading

889 Community is a easily one of the most beautiful and calm studios in the heart of busy Toronto. Set in an 1800’s Victorian home, the space is approachable, warm, and they are KNOWN for their comprehensive and inclusive Yoga Teacher Training Program. If you've ever considered taking the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate to … Continue reading

Bang Fitness is like no other gym in Toronto. They’ve been here long before the boutique fitness trend took hold, and based on their fiercely loyal members and unique service offering, they’ll be here for many moons after. They would never consider themselves a boutique gym though, of course. They’re too hardcore for that. This full … Continue reading

FRÉ skincare is the first skincare solution for active skin. They specialise in combatting sweat-induced skin damage like breakouts, acne, dehydration and sun damage.  Their product offering is pretty damn diverse and every product we've tried, we LOVE (especially the GLOW ME Tinted SPF Moisturiser, the DETOX ME Mask, and the GLOW BODY Oil). It's … Continue reading

Studio K-O | boxing

King West, Toronto