Best For Mum & Baby

First off, our prenatal and postnatal fitness class reviews are a hot commodity, because finding studios that specialise in this area is damn hard. Second, although being a mum is insanely rewarding, it’s also totally challenging and shakes up your fitness routine – like a lot. Like before the baby comes and you gain 15+ lbs in one area while 50% more blood is pulsing through your body and running becomes, physically, not a thing. Or afterwards, when your whole day revolves around feeding, napping and diapers and you want to time travel for, like, half a second to the times when you could go to a two hour yoga workshop and have a leisurely coffee with your friends afterwards that included an adult conversation.

So we wanted to find studios and workouts that focus on prenatal and postnatal classes just for mums. These studios have classes that are specifically designed for your new growing preggo body, or your recovering Superwomen one post birth. Some studios offer classes that include your baby, some include your partner and some are just for you, but all are v tailored to mums.

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