Metta Yoga, YEG | 4.5

When we first went to Metta Yoga, it was a Moksha Yoga location. After our trip to review Moksha, we have gone back So. Many. Times. Mostly bc they’re conveniently located for me, they're on Fitset, and because we just really like it there. Metta holds a special place in this FC crony’s heart, as it’s the first place I've ever practiced yoga – I’m talking ever. Metta has been open in Edmonton under the Moksha brand for over ten years, and has shared firsts with many of the community. You’ll find a v interesting mixture of serious practice and a jovial community. The team is always pleasant and inviting, and the sweaty yoga practice is challenging, fun, and accessible for anyone. I've had great experiences under both brands, and whether you’re new to yoga or a professional yogi, it’s most definitely worth checking out.