Hive Fit Co. Review

Hive Fit Co

Legs. Core. Arms. Arms. Core. Legs. That's the death mantra we experienced in Edmonton's only rowing studio that sufficiently kicked our ass and converted us into rowing fanatics. And then, cuz we loved it so much and heard they added a class called Intensity, we had to go back and get our ass handed to us again but in the form of this strength training class. These guys don't mess around with a tough workout and the studios beautiful design aesthetic makes it all hurt a little bit less.

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Laya Spa & Yoga

Laya Spa and Yoga is a little gem that kept grabbing my attention as I saw it's vibrant Moroccan pillows and big Queen West facing windows constantly on my insta feed. This space is so damn charming and the friendly staff immediately make you feel like you're taking a class in their actual apartment. We took two classes, a Vinyasa 1 and the Restorative class, and after learning about their clever-ass pricing structure we were further seduced by this healing sanctuary of chillness. 

Framewrk, YYZ | 4

Framewrk is one of the more memorable fitness studios we've been to, not only because the unique Essentrics™ class was a breath of fresh air that had us sculpting our lean dancer bods, but the space itself is so calm and serene you'll wanna namaste your day away while admiring the beautiful views of the Toronto skyline amungst the candles and the stars.